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He Said, She Said Review Site

About The Founders

It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and He Said, She Said wasn’t even a speck in the great void that is the internet. There were signs of life though, as the future owner’s movie reviews existed in a more primitive form. The He and She were active users on Facebook’s Flixter App. Much to their surprise, some people actually took notice. “You should start your own website,” they’d say. The He and She dismissed these early recommendations as nothing more than their friends being polite. The requests kept coming though, so they decided to give this thing a chance and in August of 2010 something happened. The stars aligned, the primordial soup was boiling over, and He Said, She Said was born.

Four years later and not only are these crazy kids still pounding away at this thing, but it’s actually thriving. The site and its following continue to grow by the month. For some reason people are not only coming back, but they’re telling their friends too. The He and She are truly grateful for this support. They enjoy providing you with reviews and news, and welcome any feedback you feel can help improve the site.

The He and She

The He

From an early age, He discovered his love of film. While certainly appreciative of other art forms, there is just "something magical about the movies," The He tells us. "I like to read, I enjoy music, but there’s nothing like a good movie. The sights, the sounds, the emotion of it all,” The He said as he got a little misty eyed. 

He could be called "a nerd" in certain circles. He doesn’t dispute this accusation. Though he is careful to point out that his geeky roots do not limit his tastes to any one genre. "I like to escape from the real world and obviously a certain type of movie lends itself to that more than others. That doesn’t mean I can't watch and appreciate a good film from any number of genres though. I simply prefer to be entertained. I value that more than anything.”

In closing, he told us, "I really just enjoy watching movies and want to share that with others. If I really like something I could talk about it for hours. I hope my reviews express that and maybe even help you decide what is you are interested in checking out the next time you’re sitting on the couch with nothing better to do.”

The She

Sometimes coined as “lazy," She brings the perfect blend of couch potato tendencies and writers’ ambitions to her reviews. With 31 years of movie watching experience, she has come to know and love nearly every genre of the art. From the classics of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, to modern day rom-com, drama, science fiction, and horror, she enjoys watching every film that comes across her Blu-ray/DVD player. Although classically trained in journalism, history, and literature, she is able to harness both her book smarts and street wise knowledge for her movie reviews. She says, “I often find it difficult to pick a favorite movie, but I have no problem pointing out the real stinkers." She hopes that her honest opinions will aide others, male or female/young and old, through their own movie selection crises.