Ingenious Idea or Greed-Driven Gimmick?

What he has to say:


For years, rumors ran rampant amongst nerd circles that Ridley Scott wanted to make another Alien movie. Supposedly he was unhappy with some of the sequels (3 and 4 specifically) and wanted to make one he deemed worthy of the Alien name.
Nerds everywhere drooled over the thought of having the original director back in the mix.

Personally I feel James Cameron (Aliens) and David Fincher (Alien3) did fantastic jobs with those two films. They are totally worthy of the name and canon as far as I am concerned. But Ridley Scott started it all, and I was super excited to see what else he had in store for some of the most terrifying creatures in film history.

Then - sometime in 2009 - the rumors actually became reality. It was announced Scott was on board for an Alien prequel. Initially it was reported he’d only serve as a producer, but that didn’t last too long. Within two months he was announced as the director.

After some production troubles, some script rewrites, and some ridiculously confusing rumors, it was announced that the movie was no longer an Alien movie at all. Say what? It would still take place in the same universe and those famous monsters will definitely play a part in the film - just not the biggest part.

*Spoiler alert* In Alien – besides the feature creature itself – the biggest mystery of the movie is about the abandoned derelict ship that contained all the alien eggs. When crewmembers of the Nostromo get a distress call, they find this ship with thousands of alien eggs and a crew that has long been dead. It is a very small part of the movie, but it’s these events, which lead to both the characters and audience discovery of those (now famous) aliens.

Now called Prometheus, this movie will focus on that abandoned ship and how it got that way.

Personally, I think it’s a bold and innovative idea. It is a very clever way to keep a certain franchise alive without creating sequel after sequel of (essentially) the same thing.

Can you imagine an event or character from one of your favorite movies that you always wanted to know more about?

Imagine a Star Wars movie that shows us how Han and Chew met? X-Men: First Class is sort of doing this as well. It focuses on the time (long before X-men) when Magneto and Xavier were still friends. Or what about a “Robocop” movie that focused Clarence Boddicker and his gang’s rise to power in Old Detroit? The possibilities are endless.

Some may call this sacrilegious; an Alien movie without Ellen Ripley? That’s just the thing though – it’s not an Alien movie!

What do you think? Do you have any good suggestions for what “movieverse” lends itself to this kind of film? Drop me a line and tell me some of your ideas. 

Written for your reading pleasure on February 18, 2011.