A Year in Review

What he has to say:


One year ago this month, He said, She said was born.

The website came to fruition after several friends suggested that we take our Facebook reviews to the next level. They weren’t anything fancy and actually only started off with us rating movies and not even reviewing them. As time went on, we put a little more though – but still not a whole lot – into our Facebook reviews. Instead of randomly throwing out opinions about things we like, we started simultaneously posting ratings and reviews for things we had recently seen. And believe it or not, people read them. These very same people said we should take it further and start our own website. We didn’t give it much thought initially, but eventually came to the conclusion that we’d give it a shot.

So what have we accomplished in a year?

Well for starters, we have over 160 movie reviews. No, really. Check out the archives section if you don’t believe me. If you’re all caught up on our more recent reviews, or just find that what we’ve watched recently doesn’t interest you, it’s a good way to kill time.

We like to think we do a pretty good job of mixing it up too. There are obviously certain types of movies we’re attracted to more than others, but we do our best to watch a variety of genres. We want to keep it interesting for you. For example, most recently, we watched the 1952 best picture winner The Greatest Show on Earth.  Prior to that, we watched the raunchy sci-fi/comedy Paul. A few weeks before that, we watched the romantic drama The Edge of Love.  

Does that span a wide enough range for ya? No? Ok, what if I told you we’ve got science fiction classics such as Star Wars, The Terminator, and Robocop, as well as Oscar nominees The Hurt Locker, The King’s Speech, and 127 Hours? I bet those are movies you never thought you’d see mentioned in the same sentence.

This past year, we’ve also expanded our reviews to TV shows as well. Since we’ve begun this, we’ve reviewed Dexter, Men of a Certain Age, and The Walking Dead, to name a few.

My point is we’ll watch just about anything. If you’ve got any recommendations or simply think we need to do a better job of expanding our list, let us know.

Something else we’ve added over the course of the last year is original content. Occasionally, we like to rant about whatever it is that’s on our minds. To date, we have 14 original articles on a variety of TV/movie related topics. They can be found in the news section of the site under He said, She said news.

Also found on this page is a plethora of movie news. Movie trailers, photos, and rumors are just a few of the things found in this section. This portion of the site is updated several times a week, regardless of whether we have any new reviews or not.
We also have a links section. If you are anything like us, you like keeping up-to-date on the world of entertainment.  This section is loaded with resources that are bound to satisfy your cravings for news, spoilers, and other movie/TV related stuff.

Well that’s what we’ve got so far and we’re glad you’re interested; we know at least a few people are because the site does generate some hits believe it or not. But that doesn’t mean we won’t take your suggestions. If there is anything you want to see, let us know and we’ll do our best to incorporate it into the site.

This article was written for your reading pleasure on August 19, 2011.