Fun Friday: Volume 1, Issue 2

What he has to say:


I was sitting around contemplating what the topic of my second issue of Fun Friday would be about and it occurred to me that I didn’t even scratch the surface in my first piece. Whether they were made when I actually was a kid or simply make me feel like a kid, there are loads of movies out there that satisfy my inner child. So I decided to give it another go around.

One of those movies is Adventures in Babysitting. It’s one of the many movies from late 80s and early 90s that is aimed at the same audience as The Goonies. In fact it is directed by Chris Columbus who was one of the writers for The Goonies. So if it feels similar, that’s why.

Highlights of the movie include pervy neighbor Daryl Coopersmith (played by Anthony Rapp), feisty little sister and Thor fanatic Sara (played by Maia Brewton), and Elizabeth Shue – even at age 7 I knew she was hot.

Watch this trailer and try to tell me it doesn’t make you want to experience the movie all over again.

Oh and I’ll bet you can’t tell me who played “Thor” without looking it up. It will definitely surprise you, if you don’t remember.

Short Circuit

Next up on the list is the movie with that lovable little robot Number 5 – Short Circuit.

What happens when a military robot is struck by lightning and suddenly begins to think it is alive? All kinds of misadventures and hilarity that could only come from an 80s movie. Seriously, they don’t and probably couldn’t make movies like this anymore. It was a different time where cheesy was not only welcome, but expected. Movies like this had heart. They weren’t big or grand, but quirky little films that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Plus this movie as Steve Guttenberg and who doesn’t love him? Whether he was playing a bumbling scientist in this movie, a wisecracking cop in Police Academy, or one of his countless other roles from the 80s, all he had to do was look at the camera and smile. That guy was made for the 80s, which is probably why his career nosedived once the 90s began.

Martin Short can be a little much at times, but given the write script and direction he can also be kind of funny. Two of my favorite movies – as a kid – had him in them. I am referring to Innerspace and Three Fugitives.  

In Innerspace he plays hapless store clerk Jack Putter. One day Jack becomes entangled in a secret government experiment that involves miniaturization and a bunch of ruthless criminals who want to steal the technology.  

Along the way he meets screw-up pilot Tuck Pendleton – who is portrayed by Dennis Quaid. The two are forced to work together to prevent the criminals from stealing the technology.

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Trust me, it is! But give it a chance, it’s hilarious. Watch this trailer and see if it brings back any memories.

Three Fugitives

In Three Fugitives, Short plays another hapless loser (I’m noticing a trend here). This time around, he plays a guy who decided to rob a bank to help pay for his daughter’s expensive medical care.

While attempting to pull off his first heist, he bumps into career criminal Lucas (played by Nick Nolte). Lucas literally just got out of prison and is attempting to stay clean. His only problem is that the police think he’s in on the robbery.

Despite Lucas’ best efforts to clear his name and ditch Ned and his daughter, he ends up on the run with the both of them.

I’m sure if I sat down and really thought about it, I could find dozens of movies like this. We all have favorites that appeal to our inner child. I am sure I'll probably do another list one day, but for now I want to know what’s on your list? Do you see any glaring omissions from mine?

This article was written for your reading pleasure on May 6, 2011.