Fun Friday: Volume 1, Issue 4

What he has to say:


I like to laugh. Who doesn’t? But if you are anything like me, you get a kick out of unintentional comedies No, no, no, I’m not talking about something morbid, cruel, or anything like that.  What I mean is something that is trying to take itself seriously and ends up falling on its face. Love that stuff!


Perhaps the biggest example of this in modern movie history is the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle Commando. That movie is filled with so many goofs, one-liners, and unintentionally funny moments I could make it the focal point of this entire article. Make no mistake, there are intentionally funny moments in this movie; the movie’s climax, for example, is one of the most famous one-liners of Arnold’s career.  It is an epic moment and defines what 80s action movies were all about.

However, the reason this movie has attained a cult status is because John Matrix (Arnold’s character) is more than a man. The guy is practically immortal. He single-handedly mows through an entire army; something even The Terminator could not accomplish. John Matrix doesn’t simply win, he destroys.

 I know this is Arnold we’re talking about here, but this movie’s absurdity is on another plane of existence. It is unintentional comedy at its finest.


The other aspect of this movie that is ridiculously funny is the main villain Bennett (played by Vernon Wells). Vernon Wells has had some pretty memorable performances as a villain, The Road Warrior and Innerspace being a couple of them. Technically speaking, this performance is memorable, but for all the wrong reasons. Bennett is supposed to be Matrix’s equal, yet there’s something very unbelievable about that.

Maybe it is the fact that he’s kind of flabby and putting him next to Arnold in his prime looks like a total mismatch. Or perhaps it is the fact that he is dressed like some S&M wannabe? Yeah, it’s definitely all of that, but when you add in the fact that Bennett seems to be a massive pervert who gets off on the thought of killing Matrix, you can’t help but laugh. Your shocked at how bizarre this truly is, but can’t help and watch.

I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface on some of the sheer ridiculousness that is this movie, but if you are interested do yourself a favor and watch it.


Who of remembers Mac & Me? You know, that really bad E.T. ripoff that featured aliens who were naked, rather creepy, and loved Coca Cola instead of Reeses Pieces?

The fact that the movie unapologetically rips off E.T. is bad enough, but then they throw in this horrific dance scene in the McDonalds (even more shameless product placement) is something that can only be found in an 80s cheese fest. Just to recap real quickly, the kid who finds the alien – in an attempt to hide his existence – dresses him up as a teddy bear, brings him to a birthday party at Micky D’s, and then this happens.

Next I’d like to call your attention to the 2003 version of the Hulk.

I give Ang Lee a lot of credit for trying to make a real film out of a comic book. He was trying to do what Christopher Nolan would later to in both of his Batman films.

The movie is filled with some very real, dramatic, and emotional performances. There are also some really neat wipes and transitions used that literally make the movie look and feel like a comic book. It’s really very cool.

But the big failure of this movie is its special effects.  There’s some stuff in this movie that is so bad, it completely takes me out of the movie. Let’s discuss the “Hulk dogs” for example (pictured to the left). Talk about cartoony looking, sheesh! And is one of them a Poodle? Really? A Poodle?!

Hulk Dogs

Worst of all is the main man himself, the Hulk. He’s the most important part of the film, right? Too bad he looks like a mix of Jose Canseco and Shrek.  Every time I saw the big dope on the big screen I couldn’t help but laugh. Ang, seriously man, WTF were you guys thinking?

Star Wars are some of my favorite movies, but they aren’t immune from being mocked.

This one is a classic, because it’s a blooper that somehow made the final cut. No wonder The Empire lost the war with incompetence like that. It is a well-known goof, but there are still many people who have not picked up on it after a number of viewings.

And how could I forget this one? Here we have what is supposed to be one of the biggest, most epic, emotional parts of the series – and it starts out that way – but is ruined by a single word.

What would this topic be without the best fight scene ever? I don’t even know what movie it’s from, but its very high on the ridiculous scale. Though personally, I think this is the best fight scene ever filmed. It is truly epic!

This article was written for your reading pleasure on June 24, 2011.