Fun Friday: Volume 1, Issue 5

What he has to say:


One of the many things I love about the movies is the creativity inspires after the fact.
Fan films, behind- the-scenes- mockumentaries, you name it. The range of ways people choose to approach this kind of stuff never ceases to amaze me.

First you have the mockumentary. Take this one from The Proposal for example. It is filmed as if it is a real-life, behind-the-scenes series of interviews with the cast of the movie, gone wrong. What you end up getting is an absolutely hilarious montage that shows just how much chemistry Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, and Betty White have with one another.

Does anyone remember the Star Wars Kid? Who would have thought that simple little video could have inspired so many knock-offs and with such little effort?

All that was involved in this one was the addition of some music and very minor special effects.

Perhaps my favorite version of this video required little more than editing and the addition of a certain Disco song. I dare you to watch this and tell m you didn’t laugh. The looks on their faces have me in tears every time I watch it.

Then you’ve got something like Robot Chicken, which is completely dedicated to animating and making fun of some of the most famous movies, TV shows, or some other aspect of our pop culture.


Robot Chicken Star Wars doesn't float your boat? No problem, they've got spoofs of Richie Rich, Ninja Turtles and many more!

I may not have the time, money, or creativity some of these people do, but I’m sure thankful they take the time entertain us. You've turned killing time into an art form and for that I salute you.

This issue of Fun Friday was written for your reading pleasure on August 12, 2011.