Fun Friday: Volume 2, Issue 2

What he has to say:


A few weeks ago I wrote about “small movies” and I’d like to continue with that topic again this time around. I have a few more hidden gems for you that may have flown under your radar.

Have you ever heard of a movie named Moon (review here)?  I’ve got money that says most of you haven’t. I think it only played at Sundance and international theaters, so there’s a reason many haven’t heard of it. I don’t know if major motion picture studios shied away from it or they simply never tried to distribute it on a larger level, but that’s beside the point.

Moon is about a harvesting/mining colony on Earth’s Moon. It is manned a man named Sam (Sam Rockwell). His only helper is a robot named Gerty (voice by Kevin Spacey). Together, they run this operation of gathering up resources from the Moon for their employer (a large corporation). Sam has been at this for a while and his contract is actually about to be fulfilled when one day there’s some kind of incident.

That’s about all I’m going to give you. Just know that this incident will forever change Sam’s outlook on his job and life. Things are not as they seem and Sam must delved deeper into this mystery that surrounds him.

This movie only cost $5 million dollars to make. Sure, it’s still a lot of money to you and me, but for a movie budget this is nothing. That doesn’t stop this movie from looking absolutely fantastic though. The imagery is surprisingly real. You will think you are actually on the Moon.

Oh and for your random trivia tidbit of the day, David Bowie’s son directed it.

Equilibrium (review here)does not have a very unique storyline. In fact, it has been used many times throughout movies and literature. I’m talking of course about the big, evil government that controls and monitors its citizens the way Big Brother does.

Where this movie differs from those other works is its ass-kicking action. Yes, it has a storyline – and it’s not bad – but it is a platform for some truly unique action. Leading the way is Christian Bale who plays one of the policemen who works for this totalitarian government. All is well for him until he has a change of heart one day and realizes he may be working for the wrong side. Before he knows it, he’s become a part of underground movement and is fighting against the very laws he used to enforce.

When people hear director Danny Boyle’s name they often think of Trainspotting or more recently 127 Hours. 28 Days Later may even come to mind if you are a horror buff (which is a very good horror that could be considered a small movie).  But right now I want to talk to you about one of his other movies. It’s called Sunshine. It’s a movie about a group of scientists sent into space to help re-ignite the Sun. You see, some time in the future our Sun begins to die and this threatens all life on Earth.

Now this was actually kind of a big-budget movie for Danny Boyle. I could be wrong, but it may even be the largest budget he’s ever worked with. So in this case “small movie” doesn’t pertain to the cost, but rather in the movies approach to telling the story. Sunshine is what you’d call hard science fiction; meaning it’s based mostly on real scientific theories and ideas. It’s not a sci fi/fantasy like say Star Wars. Its story is based more in reality or things that could one day be possible with more advanced technology. This usually means a slower paced movie that is not loaded with all kinds of explosions and other grand effects just for the sake of it. If you are having trouble understand what I mean, think of Ridley Scott’s Alien or Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot.

This is a very good movie. I don’t know many people who heard of it and it was actually recommended to me. I hadn’t heard of it, but when I heard it was by Danny Boyle and starred Cillian Murphy (also of 28 Days Later fame), I was immediately interested.

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