Fun Friday: Volume 2, Issue 3

What he has to say:


Is there anything about the movie viewing experience – that falls outside of the movie itself – you really enjoy? Some kind of pre or post-movie ritual you have? Something else that you always do or enjoy that you think is a little weird? Well have no fear, you are not alone!

I like movie studio intros. Those little clips that play before a movie that advertise the name of the company producing the movie? Yep, you heard that right. I think they’re cool and I know I’m not alone because I was able to find the damn things on YouTube! Seriously, just about every one that has ever existed is there. I love YouTube. Useless shit or not, you’re bound to find just about everything you could possibly dream of there.

One of my earliest favs is the old TriStar intro. You know the one with the winged horse running towards the screen as if he’s about to go through you? First of all, it’s an old one so it reminds me of my childhood. Additionally, it’s a damn winged horse running towards you! That thing is epic! It always made me feel like I was about to see something magical. I remember seeing it and getting excited that I was about to (hopefully) go on a great adventure.

I get a similar feeling when watching this old DreamWorks intro. DreamWorks wasn’t founded until I was a teenager, but there’s something about this intro that makes me feel like a kid again. It has a very day dreamy feel to it. Even the music gives off that dream-like vibe. Look at the way the kid is just chillin’ on the Moon. No worries or problems, just him and his dreams of adventure. Honestly what else are you going to do when fishing besides daydream?

This one from Universal is a classic. It just screams quality. Even if the movie ends up sucking, few seconds you feel like you are about to experience something grand . The music is fantastic too!

I’m cheating a little bit with this one, because it’s for a sound production company and not movie, but how could I not include this one from THX? I don’t know if what I’m about to see is going to be any good, but one thing is for sure; the sound is going to knock your F’in socks off!

This one from Lionsgate may seem kind of simple, but I’m a fan. You start out wondering what you’re seeing and the more it pans out you see this big complicated machine. What is its purpose? What does it control? The door to movie magic land of course!


This issue of Fun Friday was brought to you be The He on March 30, 2012.