Fun Friday: Volume 2, Issue 4

What he has to say:


You know what I love about the movies? Ok, well there’s a lot things I love about the movies, but that’s not my point. You know one of the things I love about the movies? The sights and sounds that go along with seeing a film. I like to read, but if given the choice I will always watch a movie. Sound adds so much to the experience, music in particular. It is easily one of the biggest factors behind my preference of TV/movies over books. It creates a bigger emotional response that I can’t get out of something written. Not only that, the range of emotions it creates runs the gamut.

Take our most recent review for example. Toy Story is a wonderful movie. It’s funny and yet surprisingly touching at times too. Never is that more obvious than during this montage:


That clip consists of classic Randy Newman. It’s a very happy and upbeat sounding song. Parts of the clip are actually very happy and uplifting too. Andy absolutely adores his new Buzz Lightyear toy and all the other toys just idolize him; but something else is going on amidst all of this happiness. Woody is hurting. A toy has had his feelings hurt. How ludacris does that sound when you just read it aloud? But slap some music on it and try to tell me it isn’t true.  

Another example comes from the comedy Stepbrothers. Remember the moment Dale and Brennan realize they are fighting for no reason and actually have a lot in common? Well I’ll never look at that Hall & Oats song the same ever again. I’m not kidding either, every time I hear it on the radio I crack up.

The 80s also provided many of the finer music montages ever captured on film. Who doesn’t love this one from the Karate Kid?

Need to stand up to a bully? What about a mean boss? Perhaps a pesky neighbor? Watch this video first and I guarantee you will feel like you can take on anyone who is holding you back.

Speaking of feeling like you can take on anything, how could I not bring up the training montage from Rocky IV? Forget pesky neighbors or a pain in the ass coworkers, I want to walk right up to Communism itself and punch it right in the face every time I watch this clip.

I swear that if I am listening to this song while working out, I can do things I am otherwise physically unable to accomplish.

So those of you that know me know that I love Star Wars (the original trilogy in particular). It is a very simply but classic tale of good vs. evil. I won’t go too in-depth about it because I could go on about it for hours, but I will say that everything I love about it can be found in this clip. The emotion of it all, the conclusion of an epic tale, it’s all there!

It isn’t even that long of a clip, but wow! After all the battles, plot twists, and everything else, it all comes to a head right there. Watch that clip and tell me you don’t get psyched, particularly when Luke is just hammering away with raw emotion. Love it!

This issue of Fun Friday was written for your reading pleasure on May 3, 2012.