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As of September 2015, we have changed formats. We are strictly social media. Updates can be found on Facebook and Twitter. But have no fear, this site will live on for archival purposes! All of our reviews will remain here for to enjoy! Additionally, the news page will continue to be updated daily with feeds from the most popular sites for movie, TV, and pop culture news.

He Said, She Said specializes in films available for home rental. Like so many others, we simply don't go to the theater as much as we used to. It's expensive, a nice quiet theater can be hard to find, and we're pressed for time and money. We believe we are not alone in this and want to provide you with reviews of movies you might actually get the chance to watch. In recent years, we have expanded our reviews to include TV shows too.

Our goal is to provide you with candid and relatable reviews that don’t require a thesaurus or degree in literature to read. We have been doing this for a few years now and have found that people find or down-to-earth approach a nice change of pace from critics who are more interested in sounding smart than offering something people actually want to read. We hope you enjoy our reviews and find them helpful in making your movie-viewing decisions. We encourage you to browse through our new reviews and archives sections, which contain hundreds ofcritiques from a variety of genres.

This site is also designed to serve as your one-stop shop for movie, TV, and all other related news. You will find RSS feeds from some of the most reliable sites in the industry, as well as hand-picked stories we believe interest our readers in our news section. Our links section contains a list of sites that offer the most up-to-date stories, rumors, trailers, and stuff that we simply think is cool. We poke around the net for the most interesting and updated news, so you don't have to.

Thank you for visiting our site. Enjoy!

Recent News

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