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Like you, we are fans. We want to know who just got casted in this summer’s big blockbuster. Set photos, movie posters, new trailers, we love all of it. Whether it’s just a rumor or a confirmed story we’ll report it (and hopefully do a good job differentiating between the two). The links page provides a list of sites that we find most useful for staying up-to-date on anything related to movies or TV.






  • Christine McConnell - A model and artist with a unique style, Christine McConnell combines horror, 1950s Americana, with pastries. Check out her work on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr. It's very cool.
  • Cinfex - A quarterly magazine dedicated specifically to give you an in-depth look at what goes into creating the visual effects for a film. There is some really cool stuff here if you are an effects junkie.
  • Cnet - Are you thinking of buying a new home audio system? Perhaps you are trying to figure out the difference between and LCD and Plasma TV? Well this is the place for you! cnet specializes in technology and will provide you with in-depth reviews and comparisons of all varying kinds of technology.
  • - This site is one of our top sources for TV and movie news. There are a lot of interviews, clips, trailers, and images from upcoming movies and TV shows.
  • Empire Magazine -Empire Magazine is Britain's oldest and most popular movie news related outlet.
  • IGN - Movies, video games, comic books, whatever. Anything nerd-related, this site has the latest news, videos, reviews, etc. You name it this place has it. Along with Collider, this is one the top sites in movie and pop culture news.
  • The Internet Movie Databse - Who was the guy that played? What year was...released? Isn't so-and-so married to that guy who directed? All these answers and many more can be found on this wonderful website. If you are so inclined, you may also become a member (free of charge) to discuss your favorite films, tv-shows, and thespians.
  • Just Jared - This is a celebrity news and gossip site that actually comes across a decent amount of movie-related stories as well.
  • Metacritic - Movies, music, games, you name it, this place reviews it. If you really want to know how critics and audiences feel about a movie and need more than Rotten Tomatoes, this is a great resources. Tough crowds here though.
  • Nerdist - Some of the guys and gals from Attack of the Show, a former nerd staple TV show, have landed here. It's a pod-cast driven site that focuses on games, movies, comics, and anything else us geeks like can be found here.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Rotten Tomatoes has become the default site for movie ratings and reviews, thought some have questioned it's value in recent years.
  • SuperHeroHype - Anyting related to comic books, comic book movies, toys, games, or just abouy thing that focuses on super heroes and villains can be found at this site.
  • Wikipedia - Have you ever walked out of a movie confused or simply wanted to know more about it? Wiki is an encyclopedia for just about anything, and that includes anything related to movies, tv, and other similar topics.
  • Yahoo Movies - Do you need to know where "A theater near you" actually is? Or see the latest reviews with the biggest stars in the biz? Yahoo! Movies is your site then.


  • Youtube - Are you looking for a new trailer? Or are you simply looking for the best moments from some of your favorite movies? Then this is your place. You might even find full versions of some older movies, but you didn't hear that from us.