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Our news section has a dual purpose. First, it is meant to tell you what's going on with this site. New reviews, articles, or other important announcements pertaining to He Said, She Said can be found on this page.

Additionally, you can find all the latest movie news, pictures, trailers, and rumors. Content is important to us, so even if we don't have any reviews for you, there's always something new for you here. Directly below, you will find RSS feeds from some of the most popular sites on the web. Over in the main portion of the page, you will find select stories of our choosing.






He said, She said news:

  • As of September 2015, we have changed formats. We are strictly social media. Updates can be found on Facebook and Twitter. But have no fear, this site will live on for archival purposes! All of our reviews will remain here for to enjoy! Additionally, this page will continue to be updated daily with news feeds from the most popular sites for movie, TV, and pop culture news.
  • 4/13/13: We are proud to announce or new format! We are doing our best to update all of our old reviews to the new look. Unfortunately, we have day jobs, so if some older reviews looks different, that's why.
  • From time-to-time we (ok, the He) like to write our own articles. You can browse through them at your leisure. They're directly below.

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