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The 6th Day

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A sick day a few weeks back enabled me to catch up on a few movies. If there’s one good thing about being sick (and man was I sick), it’s being able to just sit on your ass and watch movies all day. Lethal Weapon 3 was one of them. You may read that review here. Another was The 6th Day.

The 6th Day is the story of Adam Gibson (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Adam is a pilot for his own tourism business and all around family man. He has it all until one day he accidentally gets cloned (I hate it when that happens). The next thing he knows, he’s caught up in something much larger. He gets chased all over the place, some clone is living with his family, and people are trying to kill him to boot. Turns out when you get cloned, one of you has to go. 

The 6th Day

That’s about it to this movie. It’s not a lot, but certainly enough to be a decent sci fi thriller. This movie had all the elements necessary for an action thriller with a dash of sci fi thrown in. We’ve got your classic action hero in Ahnuld, an evil corporation, and clones! The problem is this one falls flat on its face. This movie was a stinker from top-to-bottom; it’s boring, cliché, and too long (which is a really big offense when a movie isn’t any good).

I didn’t remember disliking this movie. Much like my recent viewing of Tango & Cash, I thought I liked it. I knew I saw it once or twice long ago, but didn’t remember whole lot about the movie itself. Upon viewing it, I realized it kind of sucked. I actually felt quite similar to it as I did about Tango & Cash. The action wasn’t compelling, the humor wasn’t funny, and there was generally nothing to care about in the entire movie. Skip this one, even if you are an Arnie fan. Having recently watched Demolition Man, I can say that is a much better sci fi action flick. Watch that instead.

Rating: Thumbs down.

This movie was written for your reading pleasure on March 21, 2012.