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I remember seeing the preview for this and thinking it looked kind of cool. It's not too often here in the U.S. we get cartoon's that aren't comedies. Anymore, most of them are family flicks, so some variety was nice.

I also remember it didn't get much press and it wasn't in the theaters very long, which I think was a shame, because I thought it was a pretty kick ass little movie.  It is a really nice little, action/adventure movie with an original story. Plus, in some way it reminds me of an old Tool video, which is kinda cool.

9 is about these little artificial sack people who live in a post-apocalyptic world run by machines. The viewer starts out not knowing who these little people are or what their purpose is, but find out as the movie unfolds. As the title suggests, our lead character is number 9 of these little beings.

I saw this the same day I say Avatar and I think I actually liked this one more. Far more original, that’s for sure.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This movie review is one of our old Facebook reviews. It was originally written in December of 2009. It was brought over to the site on December 17, 2010.