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Back to the Future

Back to the Future II

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Several months ago, I watched Back to the Future for the first time in years. You can read that review here if you’d like. Like that day, I recently was off from work and was contemplating what to do with myself. I was in the mood to watch a movie and there was nothing on TV, so I decided to check out my personal library. It popped into my head that this would be a good idea to revisit the next chapter in this series and I’m glad I did.

Last we saw the Doc (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty (Michael J. Fox) they were about to embark on another journey through time. Marty had just started to regain his footing after his week spent in 1955, when the Doc shows up at his doorstep with an urgent mission. This time, they are headed to the future to help one of Marty’s kids in the year 2015. Pressed for time, they end up bringing Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer along (this time played by Elizabeth Shue).

Apparently Marty’s kid is the exact opposite of him. He is more like his grandfather George; meaning he has no spine at all and lets one of those Tannen boys push him around. Marty Jr. is on the verge of getting involved with some bad people, which not surprisingly are lead by Biff’s grandson Griff (still played by Thomas F. Wilson). They want Marty Jr. to help with some kind of robbery, so Doc and Marty have to intervene. They are able to stop this, but a series of events creates a problem that sends them back to the very same point in time Marty found himself in just a short time ago.

So there they are, back in 1955. There are now two Martys, two Docs, and two Biffs in 1955. They have to undo what old Biff from 2015 does in order to set the timeline back to the way it was, but also be careful not to let their other selves notices them. Chaos and hilarity ensue in a way they only can in a Back to the Future movie. Watching Marty and the Doc trying to follow other characters and totally avoid others (not always successfully either) is quite entertaining.

We also get to see the Marty/Biff feud fleshed out even more. In the first movie, he develops something of a rivalry with Biff while trying to make sure his parents end up together. In this movie, we see Marty clash with Biff at various times in his life. First, he bumps into old Biff from 2015; who is as hilarious as ever. Also in 2015, he has a run-in with Biff’s grandson, Griff. Griff is basically the same as Biff, but slightly edgier and possibly even more unstable. Then Marty bumps into the 1985 Biff, who – now because of the actions of 2015 Biff – basically rules the whole state (if not more). There is some great stuff here, because Biff is a rich and powerful maniac who absolutely hates Marty and makes his life a living hell. Everything about the alternate 1985 in this movie is great. When 2015 Biff changes the past/present, he creates a timeline Marty and Doc are not familiar with. Hill Valley is basically a warzone.  Then you’ve also got Marty butting heads with 1955 Biff once again. This could be seen as more of the same, but because of the so many different versions of the same characters at different times in their lives, it adds a certain type of depth to the movie.

Now I have heard some people say this is one of those sequels that is better than the original, but I don’t agree. Having watched the first one not that long ago, I was reminded of just how good it really is. It is pretty much the perfect adventure movie. The first movie had a certain shock factor. You go on this adventure with Marty back in time and are as shocked and confused as he is. This movie doesn’t have that, but it’s still a very good adventure film.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on April 27, 2012.