The Back-up Plan

The Back-up Plan

What she said:


The Back-Up Plan is a tale of two movies. One movie is extremely bizarre and downright creepy at times. The other is pretty darn funny.

Luckily, this isn't JLo's worst movie. It's also not her best. She plays the protagonist pretty well, it's just that as a viewer I find myself wondering why her character doesn't at any point take a step back and ask, "What the heck?". She should have been asking that when Alex O'Loughlin (aka Mick St. John for all you Moonlight fans) is pursuing her so hard. I don't know a man who is that "into" a woman from square one, other than creepers and stalkers. There are times when O'Loughlin seems like just that, a creeper/stalker. And yet, for a man so immediately infatuated by JLo, the second he finds out she's pregnant he's all spooked. Just kinda weird and nonsensical. But I guess that's what chick flicks are.

The movie has some really good laughs. JLo's friend in the movie is hilarious, full of one liners and honest statements about the gross evolution that is pregnancy. She's really the best part of this movie. I'm not sure if the chemistry between JLo and O'Loughlin is there, and there were times when I felt things were just dragging on a little.

Overall, it's not a bad popcorn flick, but it definitely had its flaws.

Diagnosis: Thumbs halfway.

What he said:


Rumor has it that J-Lo is a bit of a diva. Despite all that, I have always felt she was fairly good at portraying a normal, everyday gal.  Maybe she still is just Jenny From the Block?

Minus the odd circumstances surrounding the main characters' relationship, this movie's plot isn't all that unique. It's a cookie cutter rom-com. Couple meets, falls in love, faces some hardship and eventually comes together again. The story isn't impressive, and was actually a little bizarre at times, but there were some legitimately funny parts in this film.

The male lead - played by Alex O'Loughlin - comes off like a major creeper at first. Besides stalking J-Lo's character, he moves pretty fast for a guy who just met someone. Though I blame that on the writers, because the same guy who moves at warp speed is also put-off by his counterparts less-than-honest approach (Heeelllooo  McFly, you just met her).  Aside from that, he was just fine. He did play the nervous, expecting father type fairly well. There are a few particularly funny exchanges with Anthony Anderson's character.

J-Lo plays the stubborn, independent, but endearing Zoe. Unhappy with how life has been planning out, she decides to go with her "back-up plan" on life. I know some think she's an awful actress, but I don't.  I just happen to think she doesn't pick the best movies (though if you are interested in seeing her range I highly recommend Angel Eyes).

The real gems of this movie were Michaela Watkins, who plays J-Lo's sidekick Mona, and Nuts the dog. I have no idea who Michaela Watkins is. I had to look her up. But she was hilarious as the blunt (and bitter) friend of Zoe, who questions her friend's sanity when she decides to start a family. Her delivery was perfect. I also simply got a kick out of the dog's spunky, off-beat personality.

Rating: Thumbs half up.

This movie review was completed on August 29, 2010.