Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

What she said:


As I’m sure so many others will agree, my childhood was largely defined by Disney.  Although I was never lucky enough to actually go to Disney World, I thrived as a youngster on their movies.  And I was fortuante to grow up during a period when Disney triumphed in their film offerings.  Who can deny the iconic status of The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Aladdin?  Of course, not to be forgotten is Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is the classic tail of looking past appearances to respect and love others for what’s on the inside.  Such good values to teach our children.  Add in some spectacular music, and classic hand drawn animation, and you have a movie that every young girl needs to see. 

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Disney has made a big deal out of their re-release of this film digitally remastered and available for the first time on Blu-ray.  I picked this baby up at Target for only $24, and at that price was surprised to find that the package not only included the Blu-ray version, but also a separate DVD, so I can enjoy the film on any player in my house. 

Sometimes I feel like Disney claims to be “remastering” their work just for the sake of boosting sales.  But as soon as I popped in the film, I was blown away by the vibrant colors and sharp animation.  Everything that I remembered loving about Beauty and the Beast was beefed up and on movie steroids.  Watching this film again was a stellar experience.  Like so many Disney movies, this is a flick that will stand the test of time.  It is viewable at any age, and I encourage everyone to revisit their childhood with the spender that is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Diagnosis: Thumbs way, way up

What he said:


Disney recently released this from "the vault". I believe it's supposed to be something of a big deal, though I am not sure if it's anything more than some marketing ploy. What I do know is that this is available first time ever Beauty and the Beast has been made available in Blu-ray; and what a treat is is to see some traditional animation shown in the highest quality possible. I hope they continue to release their older movies in Blu-ray. It really looks phenomenal.

This is perhaps the most theatrical animated Disney movie ever made. It literally feels like you are watching a play at times, with all the exaggerated emotions and what not; but in this setting it works. It's also a bit of a throwback to the more fairytale-like stuff of Cinderella and Snow White.

Its target audience was mostly likely little girls, though there is enough there for other members of the family. I can definitely see elements of it that would have captured my interest as a child. As the title suggests, one of the characters is literally a beast! He also lives in a fairly spooky part of town. The parts of the movie that take place in or around his castle remind me very much of Disney's version of The Legend of Sleepy Hallow, which I thought was terrifying as a child.

The character Gaston is also a most excellent villain. As a former young lad myself, I can tell you this guy is made up of the stuff every little guy who fancies himself a hero loves to hate. I can't even recall if I saw this movie growing up, but if I did he would undoubtedly be someone I'd be having an imaginary sword fight with 10 minutes after seeing the movie.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on October 13, 2010.