Can't Hardly Wait

Can't Hardly Wait

What he said:


Movies that take us back to our childhood aren’t the only ones that give us a sense of nostalgia. Just as a movie like The Goonies has a special place in our hearts for the kid inside us, so does a great teen movie.

Whether it is about a road trip, memorable vacation, big party, or some other significant event during our teen years, they all appeal to that chaotic time in our lives where we experience a who slew of emotions and experiences all at once. Even if the backdrop is completely different, they all usually share some common theme.

Can’t Hardly Wait is a movie about the party to end all parties. Seemingly every kid in town is at this party. There are a whole bunch of different stories going on here, but I’ll do my best do give you a quick rundown.

Preston (Ethan Embry) has recently found out that his longtime crush Amanda (Jennifer Love-Hewitt) was just dumped by Mike Dexter (Peter Facinelli), who just happens to be the most popular guy in school. Preston wants to profess his love to Amanda, Amanda just wants to be left alone, and Mike wants to enter into the summer (and college) a free man.

Preston’s best friend Denise (Lauren Ambrose) – who wants nothing to do with this party or high school in general – reluctantly accompanies him to the party for moral support. While there she bumps into former friend Kenny (Seth Green) whose sole motivation is to get laid, which has proven to be something of a problem for him.

Oh and I can’t forget about William (Charlie Korsmo). His sole purpose for being at the party is to exact some revenge for all the jokes that were had at his expense, by none other than Mike Dexter.

There is even a more going on at this party, but that just about covers all the main stuff.  I highly encourage you to keep a close eye out for tons of other hilarious moments, one-liners, and cameos too.

Mike Dexter

I don’t even know where to begin when pointing out some of my favorite moments and one-liners, because the movie is filled with so freaking many of them. I guess the most obvious is Peter Facinelli; referred to as “The Fatch” around our household. His portrayal of the popular uber-jerk Mike Dexter is brilliant. In the director’s commentary, they mentioned that he really committed himself to the part and boy does it show. He is absolutely hilarious in this role.

I couldn’t do justice to the part if I tried to quote every single one liner has in the movie, because as someone who just watched it there’s more than you remember. Trust me on that. But for the sake of both your amusement and mine, here are a few of the more well-known parts of his performance.

Charlie Korsmo was also stellar in this movie. His character was originally hell-bent on revenge, but after a few beers he soon forgets while he’s there. He goes from awkward standout to big man on campus, to a philosophical guru all in a matter of hours. His scenes with Facinelli are the epitome of what “good chemistry” means. Considering the movie has an ensemble cast, these two really stand out.

And of course there’s “Special K”.  Watching a guy desperate to get some (and strike out while trying) has never been so funny. The scene where Kenny is introduced says it all.

If you are in the mood for a few laughs, I highly recommend this ridiculous, yet relatable, teen comedy. You won’t be disappointed.

Prognosis: Thumbs up.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on June 2, 2011.

What she said:


Ahh…Can’t Hardly Wait reminds me of high school.  Maybe it’s because it came out when I was in high school, or maybe it’s because some of the production elements are something me and my TV Production friends could have thrown together in high school.  Whatever the reason, the movie captures all the glory of the ‘90s.  There’s corduroy, high waisted jeans, and even JNCO pants.  Oh, and there’s all those stereotypes that I cherished in high school. 

Here are the basics—Preston loves Amanda, but she doesn’t even know he exists.  She just broke up with Mike Dexter, captain of the football team, jock, and high school god.  Meanwhile, Preston’s best friend, Denise, a self-imposed social outcast, finds herself in an awkward situation with Kenny, a total thug wannabe.  Top it all off with poor William, who wants vengeance against Mike, who made his life miserable all through school. Things come full circle.  Lots of hormones, angst, and personalities, all to the backdrop of a pretty wild graduation party.

Now to what makes this movie great, other than the fact that it reminds me of high school.  This flick is filled with lots of familiar faces/great cameos, relatable humor, and really entertaining characters.  Everyone in this is pretty much different, just like in high school.  There’s the yearbook girl, pretty chicks, super nerds, fledging musicians, stoners, and, of course, the foreign exchange student.   Which one was I you may ask?  Well, I’m not saying.  But I’ll tell you it wasn’t Mike Dexter, although hands down he’s my favorite person in Can’t Hardly Wait.  Mike does and says everything you’d imagine from a world-class jock, he’s dopey, and he can’t really see beyond the tip of his own nose. 

As I’m sure my counterpart pointed out, this movie has a lot of great one-liners, “Uh-man-duh!”  Once you watch the film a few hundred times and basically have the entire dialogue memorized, it’s fun to spout off the jokes to your friends.  Sometimes they look at you like you’re crazy, unless they’ve also seen and worship the movie.  In that case they’ll be receptive, and might even shoot some lines back at you.  This movie is more than just 90 minutes of script and dialogue, it’s a cultural phenomenon.  Sure, it probably doesn’t resonate with today’s kids.  But it sure as heck works with my generation.

Diagnosis: Thumbs up.