What he said:


Though there have been some popping up more recently, for a while there was not really many "monster" movies coming out of Hollywood. Then this came along with its subtle, viral marketing campaign and it caught people’s eyes.

It’s about a group of friends gathering one night to see a friend off, as he prepares to move overseas. Then suddenly the party is interrupted by...something.

I know it was supposed to feel gritty and "real”, but it just wasn't doing it for me. It was supposed to be doing something for me, but overall I was pretty bored. The whole attempt at being real just came off as a very amateur attempt to me. I wasn't buying the of the actors' performances at all.

Plus the whole shaky came thing gets old after a while,if for no other reason I can't believe this guy held the camera and filmed everything nonstop...*spoiler alert* only to have his friends pick if up and begin filming when he dies? Give me a break.

I did like the mystery around the monsters though. That was fairly well done. There was a lot of "who" and "what" surrounding these things. Overall though,that wasn’t enough to carry the film.

Rating: Thumbs down.

This movie review was written somewhere in the range of December 2009.