It's Complicated

What he said:


There's one reason this movie was so funny to me and that's Alec Baldwin. As a person, he seems to have anger issues, and is insane. As an actor, he's hilarious.

The biggest reason this movie worked for me was that I felt like I was watching the real Alec Baldwin; a goofy, horny, overweight guy with emotional issues. And boy was that funny. Plus, some of the things he says and does to Meryl Streep...who gets away with that besides someone like him? It's Meryl Streep and he's all over her like a frat boy on an unsuspecting coed.

I wasn't in love with Steve Martin's character. He was a nice guy, whom I generally like, but something about his performance felt off. I just didn't buy it. He seemed doped up or something.

Thumbs up.