What she said:


Ok, so I admit it, I enjoyed this movie WAY too much. It was smart, gory, and at times quite funny. I was quite skeptical going in to this one, and during the first 15-20 minutes I wasn't exactly inspired. I couldn't figure out if the movie was supposed to be a little lame, or if they were embracing the lameness and having fun with the genre. It turned out to be the latter.

The performances from Ethan Hawke, Sam Neill, and Willem Dafoe were, well, bipolar. One minute they were super serious, then there seemed an air of sarcasm to their acting. It was a little strange, but then again, so was the entire movie, and frankly I liked it. It was actually quite fun.

For any weaknesses the storyline had, and yes there were some, there was an equal amount of inexplicable goriness, which more than made up for any lapses. The movie was an odd mix of different genres - thriller, horror, sci fi, comedy - that were blended very well into what is an overall enjoyable movie. Based on the previews, I would not have gone near this movie with a ten foot pole, BUT I'm happy to say it’s well worth a rent. Very fun!

Diagnosis: Thumbs up

What he said:


This was an odd movie. Odd, because you have to give it some time to unfold and see how it all pans out. Initially, I thought it might have been taking itself too seriously. For all I know, it might have.

Ethan Hawke and Sam Neill's performances were funny too. At times it seemed like they were totally phoning it it, but when you watch the whole thing and the movie gets hokier and more entertaining, I was saying to myself "This has to be on purpose." Then Willem Dafoe came along. His performance was straight out of some Saturday afternoon SyFy-channel movie (and it works). At that point, you know a lot of it is meant to be hokey, but still "serious" (I'm telling you it's hard to explain - just watch it). It was kind of brilliant in how not seriously it took itself.

It starts out slow, but is interesting if you don't mind a slower pace. Then, by the end of the movie it was gory as hell, but in a fun and entertaining way (think From Dusk 'Till Dawn).

This movie was an odd mix. Sometimes it felt serious. Almost like Gattica with Vampires. Then some one-liners start being thrown around. Then the exploding (yes, I said exploding) vampires come in and it all just comes together. Not a great film, but pretty freaking entertaining imo.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This movie review was completed sometime in May 2010.