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The Walking Dead: Season 5.2

The Last Dragon

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The first half of this season dealt with Terminus and the hospital storylines. The group is coming off some very traumatic events – which really isn’t different from most other seasons – and are worn out as a result. This new world is wearing on them and they have reached their limit. They are on the verge of giving up.

Luckily for them a man named Aaron (Ross Marquand) claims he can take them to a safe haven. He says that he has been following and observing them for some time and has deemed them worthy for an invite into his community. Of course, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) does not trust him and ties him up. At the encouragement of Michonne (Danai Gurira), he agrees to give Aaron a chance.

The Walking Dead: Season 5.22

Aaron takes Rick’s group to a place known as The Alexandria Safe Zone. It is basically a housing development that a bunch of survivors have taken over and fortified with a giant wall. It is a thriving community that is the closest thing to civilized they have seen since the dead took over the Earth.

The community is run by a woman named Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh). Deanna was a U.S. Congresswoman prior to the outbreak and is thrust into a position of leadership when her group stumbles upon this relatively intact community. She has a system in place for keeping harmony, which involves interviewing and video recording people, and using the information she gathers to assign “jobs” to the community members.

The Walking Dead: Season 5.22

Unfortunately, Deanna feels her community is lacking some muscle, which is where she would like Rick and his group to help out with that. Rick and Michonne are made constables, while Glenn (Steve Yeun), Tara (Alanna Masterson), and some other members of Rick’s group are put on the team that goes out and gathers supplies. Some of their choices are laughable, but that’s beside the point. This causes tension between Deanna’s people – and sometimes Deanna herself – and Rick’s people.

This is one of the major issues with this half of season five. Deanna and her group not only found this community, but are thriving in it, yet we’re supposed to believe they need help? They built a wall around the whole community. They go out and get supplies, recruit new members to add to their society, but they can’t take care of themselves? The thought process here behind the writing is not very good at all. These people are so much better off than Rick and company, but they are the ones that need help? It was forced and is simply bad writing. It is extremely distracting. There’s supposed to be this tension between Deanna’s group and Rick’s group, because Deanna’s group is supposed to be perceived as weak, but they are doing significantly better than Rick’s group.

The Walking Dead: Season 5.22

One of the other issues I had with half was that the first three to four episodes of this season are supposed to show that the main characters are worn out. They are defeated by this horrible world they live in. This is a little odd considering the stuff with the Governor (David Morrissey), was a nonstop war between the two camps. That went on for parts of two seasons. That doesn’t push them over the edge, but one half of season five did? It’s just poor planning. Plus, these episodes were the epitome of boring.

There were some snippets that were ok here and there – and I liked the stuff surrounding Tyrese’s death (sorry for the spoilers, but it’s been long enough) – but I thought this half of season five sucked for the most part. I like what they have done with Tyrese in general, even though he’s different from the comic. Aside from that and a few other minor things, this half of season 5 was no good.

This show is so inconsistent, it’s amazing it pulls in the ratings that it does. Chunks of it are ok – it’s never great – but a lot of it is just a chore to watch.

Rating: Thumbs down.

This review was written for your reading pleasure on May 12, 2015.