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What he said:


A fairly long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a much less popular George Lucas wrote a little something called Star Wars. It spawned two more movies and became a cultural phenomenon. Even poking fun at Star Wars (and its fans) has become a part of our pop culture!

An even shorter time ago, in about the same place, a much richer and arguably disinterested George Lucas decided to continue his Star Wars saga with an all-new prequel trilogy. Fanboys is about some crazed fans adventure to see the first part of that new trilogy before one of their own dies from cancer.

This was a decent movie, but I felt that this movie could have been better. It's a road trip movie and with that always comes a sense of adventure, chaos, and some kind of camaraderie; which they really could have capitalized on if they weren't so passé about one of the character's illness. Some of that is present, but overall I felt the movie breezed over potentially more meaningful parts and then suddenly tries to get a little deeper at the end.

Though I will say that some of the sci fi humor was very well placed and appreciated by this nerd. Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Wars vs Star Trek, it was all there. They even threw in a Willow reference!. There were some downright excellent cameos too. The attention to detail was top-notch and I know this because I am a huge nerd and picked up on a lot of it.

Jay Baruchel was entirely believable as the uber-nerd Windows. Perhaps it's because he reminded me of someone out of The Big Bang Theory, but I really did get a kick out of this character.

Kristen Bell was entertaining as the fiery sidekick who wants to be included, but also be known as more than just one of the boys. Sometimes in movies such as these, they don't wirte the female characters very well, but in this instance she fit right in. And what Star Wars nerd doesn't like a hot girl in the Slave Leia outfit?

Seth Rogen was also quite entertaining as multiple characters. His best one was the leader of the Trekkie gang and nemesis to our main characters. I don't think I have actually ever seen him play a "character" like that - he usually seems like he's just playing himself. So, that was refreshing.

The rest of the cast was so-so. Sam Huntington and Chris Marquette were not bad, but as I said earlier, I thought there was potential for a lot more here. This movie was funny, but it could have been more than funny. There was some untapped emotional aspects. Dan Fogler was downright distracting as Hutch. I just thought he was trying too hard. Maybe the character is supposed to be a guy who tries too hard, but even so, I found him annoying to watch.

Ratings: Thumbs half way up.

This movie review was written for you on September 27, 2010.

What she said:


Set in 1998, Fanboys tells the story of four friends who take a road trip across the U.S. on a quest to break into George Lucas' ranch so that they can watch an early cut of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace before one of them dies from cancer.  During their journey they come across evil trekies, hookers, and an angry pimp who stand in the way of their achieving their dream. 

The movie itself is pretty formulaic.  The cross-country road trip has been done before, and it's certainly been done better.  But Fanboys does offer its share of fresh nerd comedy.  With several cameos from Star Wars/Trek alums, and lots of Seth Rogan, it makes for an entertaining 90 minutes.  Like I said, it's certainly not the best, but for the most part it's pretty fun.  I don't think the viewer really feels what's at stake with the one character's cancer.  They tell you that he has it, but he certainly doesn't seem sick for much of the movie. 

I'd say this film is worth a rent, or even better, it's currently free with OnDemand, depending on what cable plan you have. 

Diagnosis: Thumbs 80 percent up.