Fright Night

Fright Night

What She said:


I’ve never been a huge fan of Colin Farrell—he always seems too cool for school, but after seeing Fright Night, I pretty much worship him.  Farrell puts on a perfect performance as Jerry, a killer vampire who is terrorizing a town.  Farrell is so on point and funny that he carries what could have been a very average movie into the realm of awesomeness. 

Here’s your basic premise:  Jerry moves in next door to Charlie and his single mom.  No one suspects anything; in particular, Charlie, who is pretty obsessed with being popular and dating the hottest chick in school.  But people are disappearing, and a childhood friend, who Charlie now largely ignores, plants the idea in his head that Jerry is actually a vampire rampaging the town.  Charlie’s fears are quickly confirmed and he must save his family and friends from the seemingly unstoppable Jerry. 

This movie is both a horror flick and a comedy.  It never takes itself too seriously, sort of like Scream, although not quite as poignant.  It runs by very quickly, as there are plenty of thrills.  Jerry makes being a vampire look so easy.  In fact, who wouldn’t want to be one when you’re so cool and powerful?  Fright Night is a fun weekend movie to watch with your friends.  I recommend it.

Thumbs up.

What he said:


I know Colin Farrell has built an image based on being a carefree bad boy, but it never really did much for me. I don’t know if it was him or movies he was picking, but I never really saw much of anything that gave me the impression he had any talent. However, lately I find myself warming up to him. He was hilarious in Horrible Bosses and very entertaining in this film as well.

 In Fright Night, he plays a vampire named Jerry who’s stalking a small residential area in Vegas. What better place for a vampire? Just enough people for him to feed on, but it’s in the middle of a desert – in Vegas no less – so when people do start to disappear people just chalk it up to them all being in Sin City. Really good planning on his part. Kudos writers!

Charlie and his mom live next door to Jerry. They don’t seem to notice anything peculiar about him besides the fact he’s been a little slow to rid his driveway of some construction debris. Charlie’s buddy Ed isn’t as convinced though. He’s been following Jerry around and tells Charlie what we already know; that Jerry actually is a vampire. Charlie – of course – thinks his friend is insane, but as time goes on he starts to give a little credence to Ed’s theory.

Back when this movie came out, I wrote an article about it. Despite the fact that critics were giving it respectable reviews, it tanked at the box office. It opened the same weekend as the Conan  – which was destroyed by critics – but actually ended up doing worse. What gives? I think people are tired of remakes.  I hear what they are saying, but really don’t discount something simply because it’s a remake. You could be missing out on something good (like this movie).

Rating: Thumbs up.