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The Goonies

What He said:


Two years ago on a rainy Friday evening, I popped this cult classic in the DVD player for the first time in years. Actually, I watched it twice in two days; once with the director’s commentary and once without it. The Mrs. wasn’t home and whenever the weather is bad – or I’m feeling sick – this is one of those movies I have an urge to watch.

Well a few nights ago my stomach was bothering me. I wanted lie in bed, but didn’t want to sleep. Plus, sometimes immersing yourself into a good movie helps you forget you don’t feel well. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have the good TV or a sound system. Sometimes putting yourself in a dark room, burying yourself in the covers, and watching one of your favorite movies actually makes you feel better.

Mikey (Sean Astin) is the leader of a group of buddies who live in the “Goon Docks”, hence the name Goonies. He isn’t the biggest or strongest – and actually has asthma – but he’s the heart and soul of the gang. His family – along with the families of his friends – face foreclosure on their homes and his spirits are low. He doesn’t want to leave the Goon Docks and he was planning one last adventure with his buddies, cruising up and down the coast courtesy his older brother Brandon (Josh Brolin). The problem with that plan is Brand failed his driver’s license test, so their plans have been scrapped. As I mentioned earlier, Mikey also has asthma, and his mother will not allow him to leave the house on this cold rainy day.

The Goonies

It makes no difference though as his friends make his way house and try to make the best of the situation, and hang out one last time. His friends are “Mouth”, “Data”, and “Chunk”. Mouth (Corey Feldman) is a wise-cracking, mischievous, but charismatic guy. Data (Jonathan Ke Quan) is a real imaginative soul. He likes to create things. His inventions don’t always work, but he’s a driven little fella. Chunk (Jeff Cohen) is the fat kid of the group. He also likes to tell stories; such as the time Michael Jackson stopped at his house to use the bathroom. After hanging out at the house for a bit and getting into a bit of trouble, they stumble upon a treasure map in the attic (Mikey’s dad is a curator at a museum), and get the idea to go look for the treasure in an attempt to save their houses. The adventure begins here.

The map leads them down the coast to a rundown restaurant off of the beach. The map says the entrance to the caves where the buried treasure resides is below the restaurant. It sounds simple enough, until they realize the restaurant is also the hideout of the Fratelli crime family. So, in order to find the treasure, they have to find a way to get around the Fratellis. Of course, we all know they don’t, and a great adventure ensues.

The Goonies

Boy does this movie bring back some great memories. I remember the first time I saw The Goonies. My buddy up the street told me about it. He said it was about a bunch of kids looking for a treasure and I had to see it, so I went out and rented it. I was watching it and within the first few minutes Chunk says “Shit” when watching the Fratellis escape from the police. My mom was in the next room and says, “What did I just hear?” “Shoot, he said shoot”, was my reply. Haha, good times. The rest is history. I watched it, loved, it, and it became one of the movies that defined my childhood (and many others as well). What little kid didn't want to be the leader like Mikey? Who didn’t think Data’s inventions were the coolest thing ever? Who didn't laugh hysterically at Mouth or Chunk? How many of you wanted to punch Troy in the face? Hell, I wanted to punch him in the face when I watched the just the other night. What boy didn't have a crush on Kerri Green (or Josh Brolin if you were a little girl)? And the Fratellis are wonderful villains for a movie like this. They’re straight out a kid’s imagination. Anne Ramsey was fantastic as Ma Fratelli. All she had to do to scare you was simply look at you. Robert Davi and Joe Pantoliano were excellent as her bumbling idiot sons; who fight with one another non-stop.  John Matuszak’s performance as sloth was simply iconic. Just like the kids in the movie, he scared the hell out of you when you first met him, but we all loved him by the end when he’s helping the Goonies escape from the rest of his family. He provided some of the most memorable moments from the movie. So many of his lines are staples in pop culture.

Let me bring it back to Chunk again for a second. Man did this kid steal the show. Jeff Cohen’s performance was so genuine. He sold every emotion perfectly. Ironically, he's one of the few of the kids who didn't seriously pursue acting as a career.

I simply can't say enough good things about this movie. The laughs, the sense of adventure, its all just so perfect.  There are so many good things about this movie, even the octopus Data mentions at the end – but doesn’t even appear in the movie – seems to fit.

Here is an interesting bit of trivia for music fans or people from the Philadelphia area. Ann Ramsey and her husband formed The Theater of Living Arts (TLA).

Rating: Thumbs up.

This review was updated for your reading pleasure on September 21, 2012.


What She said:


This might be a completely pointless review. I mean, who hasn't already seen "The Goonies?" Honestly, you probably saw it before you were even able to read, thus making this whole thing obsolete. If you were like me, by the time you were in junior high you were quoting this movie spontaneously with your friends. At some point, perhaps high school, one of your friends made Goonies tshirts, and you wore it for several years until it was too thin and tattered to pass for legal dress.

Simply put, I don't have to tell you this is a cult classic. I pity the youth of today, who may not have grown up on this movie. It inspires imagination, awe, and excitement in children, and has this uncanny ability to carry those senses over to adulthood. I can watch this movie now and enjoy it nearly as much as I did years ago. In fact, I'm actually today jealous of the Goonies kids. They got to experience the adventure of a lifetime, something that many of us will never quite have.

Does "The Goonies" have oodles of cheese? Oh yes. But it's oh so enjoyable. This will forever be one of my favorite movies.

Diagnosis: Thumbs up.

The Goonies