Grown Ups

Grown Ups

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Grown Ups is about a bunch of childhood friends that gather due to the death of a beloved basketball coach from their youth. This meeting takes place at a lake house where many fond memories were created some 30 years prior.

This movie seemed like a half-ass version of what it could have been. That is meant as both a compliment and criticism of the movie.

The bad news is that with this many funny guys on screen this could have easily been a lot funnier. Sandler has teamed up with several of these guys (and the director too) and put out a much funnier product. Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, or even I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry for example. This group is clearly capable of more (funnier at least). At times, they appear to be almost phoning it in, David Spade in particular. The movie comes off as these guys simply wanting to hang out for a few weeks, which is what the movie is about interestingly enough.

The good news is that even at half their potential, this group is capable of generating some laughs. For example, nobody can take bumps like Kevin James as far as I'm concerned. The guy is a funny physical comedian. He crashes and falls into things with the best of them.

Rob Schneider hasn't had a lot of success since leaving SNL. At least in the movies in which he's been the main focus. But the one's where he's the object of ridicule, he's often fairly entertaining. He's obviously someone people like to laugh at and they smartly recognize that in this movie. The rest of the boys poke fun at his character, much like that one friend we've all had (but still love anyway).

There's also some relatable stuff about getting older. Having hit a certain milestone myself this past year, I got a laugh out of a few of those jokes.

But really, when you have this many big names together on screen you should have a much better final product. Though, I do not seem to think it was as bad as certain reviews suggested. It got trashed pretty badly. It wasn't quite that bad, it did have a few laughs in it.

Rating: Thumbs half way up.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on November 17, 2010.


What she said:


Ah, Adam Sandler and crew have grown up…or have they?  Sandler’s latest offering, Grown Ups, awkwardly blends a bit of the immature with the realities of getting old.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. 

For a movie that has a 10 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, I didn’t think it was quite THAT bad.  I mean, I didn’t sit there in abject horror.  It wasn’t great either, but there were moments that I laughed pretty hard.  The film provides plenty of potty and pervy humor.  And the jokes repeat, a lot.  Don’t waste your time doing a count on how many fat- and pee-related jokes there are.  You’ll certainly lose track.

The story, while having promise, is also not inspiring, but then again, what do you expect out of an Adam Sandler movie?  I’m not going to applaud Happy Gilmore and the Waterboy for having a tight script, so why would I hold this film to a higher standard?

Grading this film has a lot to do with expectations.  I guess my biggest peeve would have to be the repetitiveness of the jokes.  I think hearing a lot of the same things over and over made this movie feel much longer than its 1 hour 42 minutes.  It probably could have been at least 20 minutes shorter.  They were very hit or miss as well.  I also found that there was a lot of friend-on-friend bullying, which seemed a bit nonsensical.  Or maybe it’s a guy thing? 

Overall, the film is ok as an Adam Sandler flick.  I wouldn’t judge it to a much higher standard.  It’s worth a rental, especially if you’re chillin’ with friends on a Saturday night, but it’s definitely not worth a buy.  And get ready for some pretty gross stuff.

Diagnosis:  Thumbs mostly down, but maybe moving toward halfway depending on the mood.