Happy Accidents

Happy Accidents

What She said:


Happy Accidents has a premise so bizarre that you just have to check it out.  Seriously, listen to this.  It’s about a woman living in New York who meets the man of her dreams.  At least she thinks he’s the man of the dreams.  Then she begins to realize he may be a little crazy when he admits to her that he’s from the year 2470, and that he traveled back in time specifically to find her.  And this is supposed to be a quirky rom-com.  I, therefore, simply could not resist this one.  Guess what?  They’re not kidding; it really plays out just as you would expect.  Ruby falls for Sam, Sam admits he’s from the future, all kinds of melee ensues. 

Ruby is played by Marisa Tomei.  Her character is a bit foolish and helpless.  She’s a cosmopolitan woman, complete with her very own therapist, and she’s also absolutely terrible with men.  All of this makes her, well, not very likable to me.  I had a hard time sympathizing with her because I found her too sappy, far too dramatic, and downright annoying.  Sam, played by Vincent D’Onofrio, likewise, isn’t as much of a charmer as I would have liked.  He’s a bit of a creeper.  The movie executes itself well in the sense that the viewer goes back and forth between believing that Sam is telling the truth about being from the future and thinking that he’s a raving lunatic filled with lies.  Either way, the premise makes him out to be a stalker. 

I like the quirkiness of the film, but with two characters that I cannot find myself truly rooting for, it fails to captivate me.  Happy Accidents is not a bad movie.  It just didn’t work fully for me. 

Thumbs mostly down.

What he said:


What would you do if your partner told you they were from the future? I’m serious. You are in a fairly new relationship and it’s going great, then your significant other drops that little piece of information on your lap. What do you say to that? Do you run away? Stick with them and tell them to seek professional help? Or is there some part of you that actually believes them? Well this is what happens to Ruby.

Ruby (Marissa Tomei) is what I perceive to be your stereotypical urbanite. She is always going through some kind of relationship drama, sees a therapist regularly, and is big into the social scene. I’m not necessarily saying that makes her a bad person, just not somebody I’d normally hang out with. While recovering from the experience with her most recent ex, she meets a man in the park.

That man is Sam. Sam (Vincent D’Onofrio) kind of reminds you a little of Forest Gump. He’s not quite all there, but seems harmless enough, and actually seems kind of funny. Sam is one of those people you might be weirded out by him at first, but once you get to know him, you realize he’s just a little different.

Happy Accidents

Have you ever encountered somebody you know you’ll likely never fully know, but still have a pleasant exchange the short time you are with them? Maybe it’s somebody you exchanged a few words with while waiting in line at a store. Maybe a person you served jury duty with and pal around with for a day? Or perhaps it’s somebody you see on a bus or train somewhat regularly and might even talk to once or twice, but you know you’ll never see that person outside of those short interactions? Well imagine that one of those people actually shows up on your doorstep one time. She is creeped out at first, but once Rudy gets to know Sam, she actually really likes him. She thinks that she has finally found the right guy.  That is until he brings up the whole time traveler thing.

We came across this movie at random. We were paging through the free movies on Amazon Prime and noticed the synopsis. We never heard of it before, but the description was whacky enough we felt like we had to check it out. For the most part, I liked it. I thought it was fairly funny, quirky, and had enough intrigue to keep me genuinely interested. I was definitely interested in the mystery surrounding Sam. The only thing I didn’t really care for was the movie felt a little amateur at times. I know it’s an independent movie, but with experienced actors, I don’t expect a movie to feel so second rate at times. Sometimes it had the vibe of a daytime soap or theatrical production, and I don’t care for that style of acting. I also thought the soundtrack was distractingly bad. It reminded me of something Ross – from Friends – would play on his keyboard.

Prognosis: Thumbs half up.

This movie review  was written for your reading pleasure on September 3, 2012.