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Roger Cobb is a Vietnam veteran turned author. He (William Katt) has had great success writing horror novels. But for as successful as his professional life is, his personal one is a mess. He has recently separated from his wife Sandy (Kay Lenz). Prior to separating from her, their son went missing one day. His favorite aunt has also recently passed away. She has left Roger her house, so that’s another thing on his plate he has to deal with.

Roger has recently decided he is going to write his first non-fiction book and it is going to be about his experiences in Vietnam. He has also decided that he’s going to stay at his aunt’s house while writing the book. He grew up there and also figures he can keep an eye on it while the sale of it is being processed. He thinks it will offer him some peace and quiet that will enable him to finish his book.


Roger’s aunt always said the house was haunted. Did I mention she killed herself? Yeah, there’s that too. He’s also hoping this opportunity will offer some insight as to the whereabouts of his son (he disappeared while at her house). So, he’s got a lot of different reasons for being at the house.

Well it turns out his aunt wasn’t crazy, the house is indeed haunted. Roger becomes obsessed with proving it and somewhere along the line it becomes about rescuing his son. Oh yeah, and the neighbor (played by George Wendt) gets involved in the madness too.

That’s kind of my problem with the movie. It is very disjointed and all the different elements do not blend together very well. One minute he’s setting up cameras and other recording equipment in hopes to capture evidence, the next he’s looking for his son, then in between that stuff he’s still working on his novel. Say what? Yeah, it is very jumbled.


I remember when I saw bits and pieces of this movie as a kid, the one thing that stood out to me was this character. He was a character from Roger’s past that the house brought back to life. I thought he was creepy, kind of funny, and the makeup was fantastic. So, since I was in the mood for something like for Halloween, I decided to check this move out. Well the character doesn’t really play that much of a role in the movie. Factor in what I said above and I couldn’t wait for this one to end. I thought it was a pretty stupid movie.

Rating: Thumbs down.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on November 10, 2013.