What she said:


If ever there was a movie that carried with it a serious amount of hype, Inception was it.  There was so much talk about this film when it hit theaters, and yet I sort of dreaded seeing it.  I just didn’t feel that I was a patient enough movie-goer to hang with the concepts for two-and-a-half hours.  I felt the same way when it finally came out on Blu-ray, an uneasiness, because I wasn’t sure if I’d like the flick, and didn’t want to be disappointed, especially as I heard those around me rave.

Visually, the movie is splendid.  The special effects are truly wonderful and believable.  That was really a joy to see.  Conceptually, the movie was also quite novel.  I like the idea of being able to jump inside of people’s dreams.  How cool.  I do, however, wish that my dreams were even a fraction of as vivid as those were in the movie.  I should note that in my ideal world this dream hopping thing would only go one way.  I could jump into other people’s dreams, but no one could come into mine, unless I invited them.

I’ll go contrary to many others and say that there were some things about this film that I did not like.  First and foremost, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, what the hey was up with your voice?  It was like he was trying to be super stoic and serious, or that he was a teenager trying to make his voice sound lower to impress his friends.  Unfortunately, his acting came across as expressionless and kind of bad. 

The other thing that disappointed me about this movie was how few surprises it actually had.  So much crazy stuff could have happened in those dream worlds, and yet everything just sort of unfolded like a standard action movie.  Yes, there was lots of fighting and intrigue, but I was looking for the more bizarre to unfold.  It seemed somewhat limited.

I was a bit bothered by the length.  It probably would not have been an issue, except that every time the movie flashed back to that van slowly inching toward the water, I was reminded of just how much film was actually left.  I think this is a cinematic experience best felt in the theater or at home on Blu-ray and with a high wattage sound system.

Overall, I think the movie is worth a rent, because it has definite mass appeal.

Diagnosis: Thumbs halfway up.  I didn’t love it, but I know others do and will.

What he said:


In the world that Inception takes place, large corporations have taken corporate espionage to the next level. CEO’s hire expert theives to extract information from their competition’s dreams and use it to their advantage.

Dominick Cobb (DiCaprio) and his team are some of the best in the world at this. Cobb has his own agenda; get back to hid children whom he’s been exiled from because it is believe he murdered his wife. There is one small problem though, Cobb’s dead wife haunts his subconscious and attempts to sabatoge all his missions.

To a movie geek like myself, this sounds like a dream come true. Not since The Matrix have we had a big, epic, sci adventure like this. The only problem for me was that I found the execution rather boring at times.

I was intrigued by the concept. I was interested in the story ifself. Unfortunately, I found a healthy chunk of the movie to be rather matter-of-fact. There was no wow-factor like I expected. There was no “Woah”  moment for me. There was no single moment where any of the characters were overwhelmed by what was going on. No introduction period, where I as an audience member and told of this impossible thing and allowed to digest it and be amazed by it. This all came out in the actors performances as well.

Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and others are all accustomed to this world, so there’would be no shock from them. But Ellen Page’s wasn’t and even she wasn’t all that blown away. So to me, I don’t find it interesting to watch a bunch of characters carry along as if they are bored (or at least very used to) the whole thing.

This is disappointing, because I wanted to be blown away by this movie. Christopher Nolan has built up a very impressive resume in a little over a decade. But this is the first movie of his I was completely udnerwhelmed by.

Rating: Thumbs down.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on December 10, 2010.