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Julie and Julia

Julie & Julia

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I am not usually someone who falls head over heels for Meryl Streep. That's not to say I think she's a bad actress, but I think people are too quick to praise her because of who she is rather than her actual performances. That being said, I really enjoyed her performance as Julia Child. It was very enthusiastic and authentic.

Maybe it's because I like cooking (and eating), but I really liked this movie. Plus, Jula Child seemed like a pretty hip lady. She'd be fun to hang out with. The kind of old woman you want for a neighbor. Not exactly a grandma, but a real cool, hip, funny neighbor you'd bond with. She likes to eat, drink, and just generally enjoy life.

As far as Amy Adam's character goes and her journey of writing this blog (while trying plowing through Julia Child's cookbook), I really didn't care all that much. She was not a particularly likeable character, plus I was simply interested in Julie Child's story much more. She seemed like a really interesting person. Despite that, I still enjoyed it, but this part of the movie really didn't work in its favor.

Rating: Thumbs half up.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on November 24, 2010.