Justice League: Doom

Justice League: Doom

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Justice League: Doom tells the story of aspiring dictator Vandal Savage’s attempt at world domination. The Justice League is the most powerful group of individuals on the planet, so in order to carry out his plans, he has to devise a strategy to eliminate them. He decides the best way to do this is to from the inside. Being the only individual on the team without powers, a strategic genius, and slightly paranoid, Batman has come up with a contingency plan in case any members of the team ever went to the “Dark Side of the Force.” 

Savage steals these plans and implements them. The members of The League are taken out by one of their villains – that Savage has hired – in some very creative (and some not) ways.

That was my first gripe with the movie. The plans used to eliminate some of the heroes were completely and utterly ridiculous. Some of them really lacked any sense or tension. Don’t get me wrong, I know this is a cartoon movie based on a comic book, but you still need a decent plot. It’s a shame, because it really started off solid in that department. Superman is shot with Kryptonite bullet and Batman is buried alive with his dead parents. This started the movie off on a really dark and believable note. But the rest of it was just nonsense.

My other big gripe with the movie was some of the villains they chose to match up against the heroes. I can respect the fact that they want to throw some new characters into the mix, but they dug up some real D-listers for this movie.

I was super disappointed in this movie. Though not a sequel, I was interested for this because I was really excited to see most of the cast from Justice League (which I really like). The animation was also a huge upgrade over the show. I always liked the show, but the animation was always the weakest part of it. This movie also started off pretty darn good. It looked great and the storyline was good. Eventually though, it really started to come apart at the seams. It was an uninteresting, stupid and downright laughable plot at times.

Rating: Thumbs down.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on August 5, 2012.