Just Go With It

Just Go With It

What he said:


Just Go With It is about a guy (Sandler) who uses a wedding ring to meet women. He was planning to get married, but when he finds out his bride-to-be isn’t who she says she is, he bolts. While sulking at the bar that same evening, the ring proves to be something of a sympathetic advantage when it comes to scoring chicks.

It should come as no surprise that Adam Sandler produced this movie. No, no, no, not because of the usual amount of boob, poop, and groin region related jokes that come with a typical Sandler movie. Rather because the script called for a love triangle between him, Brooklyn Decker, and Jennifer Aniston (your welcome for the clips fellas).

That part of the plot could be considered “far-fetched”, yet for some odd reason I find myself not caring at all. Kudos for you Mr. Sandler for knowing your audience!

Unfortunately, I can’t say that every other aspect of the movie was as well thought out. Don’t get me wrong, it did make me laugh a few times, but is also loaded with plenty of awkward moments in which you kind of stare at the screen knowing that you’re supposed to be laughing but aren’t. These kinds of comedies tend to go that way. Your laughter can disappear just as quickly as it comes on. I would lying if I said I didn’t find parts of it funny, but the movie is pretty forgettable.

Sandler and director Dennis Dugan have done at least half a dozen movies together. Some are quite funny. Others are so-so. But all of them have at least a few laughs. I think they need to either take a break from one another or consider some serious tweaking to their formula. You have to wonder whether if they are half-assing it based on each other’s rep together, or simply don’t have the same type of chemistry with one another that they used to.

Rating: Thumbs down.

This movie review was given the He said, She said seal of approval on June 19, 2011.

What She said:


Oh, Adam Sandler, sometimes you just try too hard.  Just Go With It had all the promise it needed to really be entertaining.  But it’s just a bit overdone—too many forced jokes and too many larger than life characters, none of which are really that likable.

Sandler is playboy plastic surgeon, Danny, who pretends that he’s in a broken marriage to get chicks.  One problem, he actually falls for one of these chicks, a much younger Palmer (Brooklyn Decker).  She is no home wrecker, and so she wants Danny’s ex-wife’s blessing before taking their relationship to the next level.  Problem is, there isn’t one, and so Danny talks his office/physician’s assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), into pretending to be the gal.  A lot of people set their morals aside to help Danny get his way.  Even Aniston, who always brings a likability to her characters, is no peach.  And her children…yikes. 

There’s a lot of people with issues in this movie, and you kind of feel wrong laughing at them.  There were certainly points where I laughed, but then there were so many jokes that just plain fell flat.  As Danny makes goofy voices and gestures, even other characters in the movie sort of stare at him like, “What the heck, that’s not funny.”  And he doesn’t get the hint, so he repeats the same lame joke four more times during the course of the film.  There’s also some sort of cousin or something, Eddie.  He’s really annoying too. 

Well, anyway, this isn’t the worst film ever, but it struggles to be a rom or a com.  What it does excel at is being a bikini body contest between Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston.  The guys will love that, and the ladies, well, you’ll feel kind of bad about yourself afterwards. 

Thumbs down.