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Being a fan of some 80s sci fi/fantasy stuff like Willow, Masters of the Universe, and Star Wars (I know, I know the first one came out in 77), I had always known of this movie. Other than the fact that the hero carries some kind of weapon that looks like a cross between a boomerang and a set of knives, I didn’t know much about it.

Krull takes places on a planet named…you guessed it, Krull. The planet has recently been invaded by some kind of all-powerful being referred to as The Beast. He travels in some kind of spaceship that resembles a mountain and has an army that carries out his will. In an attempt to stop this invasion, two rival kingdoms – native to the planet – agree to forge an alliance. It was the idea of Prince Colwyn and Princess Lyssa; each of whom is one of the children from the warring kingdoms. The two young leaders are about to put a seal of approval on the partnership – with their marriage – The Beast’s army attacks. It sees their unity as a threat to his plans.

This is where the journey begins. Lyssa (Lysette Anthony) is captured by the bad guys and Colwyn must set out to rescue her and restore their kingdom to its former glory. Just as he is about to set out, he encounters one of those wise old man types named Ynyr the Old One. Ynyr tells him he has to go retrieve a fabled weapon, visit another wise old man who can see the future, and do a few other things as well. Along the way he recruits a group of thieves – one of which is a young Liam Neeson – a cyclops, and a shape-shifting magician.

A ragtag group of individuals are off on some suicide mission to save a princess? It’s not the most original plot, I don’t deny that. But to be perfectly honest, that didn’t bother me all that much. I was actually into the movie for a while. I thought Ken Marshall made a decent leading man and Rell (the Cyclops) was kind of worked as one of mysterious/brooding characters.

But after a while, the movie started opening itself up to some plot holes and bad writing. “Well why can’t so-and-so do that?” or “Why didn’t they just do that in first place?” Remember that fabled weapon I mentioned earlier on?  Well Colwyn is told he can only use it when he “really needs it” or something? What’s the point of that? What kind of bad-ass weapon is only allowed to be used once? It’s lazy writing and stuff like that is why the movie ultimately lost me. I didn’t even care that the movie was hokier than all get out.

Rating: Thumbs down.

This movie was written for your reading pleasure on July 25, 2012.