Leap Year

Leap Year

What she said:


Sometimes, us girls need a flick that is completely unrealistic, idealistic, and that we can totally get lost in. Well, this is one of those movies. It's not great. And it certainly doesn't pack the laughs. It had a couple of those moments where you do a half grin, but nothing that's really laugh-out-loud funny. But what this movie is able to do is make you dream.

First of all, let us all just dream that we're Amy Adams. She got to be a princess in "Enchanted," and now she's a rich chick with a great job. She's pretty much living the good life, aside from that she's desperate to get engaged to this pompous loser dude. Of course, the movie is slow to reveal that her future fiance is a dud, but you can pretty much figure it out right away by his ridiculous hair.

Anyway, Amy Adams believes in this folklore that if she goes to Ireland that she'll be able to successfully be able to propose to her cardiologist boyfriend in Dublin on Leap Day. It's some tradition thing, but the silliness of it is besides the point. It's supposed to be a stretch, as is most of this movie. It's full of superstition, odd scenarios, and on again/off again chemistry between the two lead characters.

In the end, you're supposed to believe that it's possible to change your life and fall in love with the perfect guy in 2-3 days. If you're a chick, and you're in the right mood, you'll latch on and be happy with the ride. If you're a dude, you're going to be bored out of your mind, and you'll probably laugh at how out there it all is. It's not the perfect chick-flick, but it's tolerable. I'll just have to hold out til the next Sandra Bullock.

Diagnosis: Thumbs halfway up.