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Let's Be Cops

What She said:


What can I say about Let’s Be Cops? It’s supposed to be a buddy cop movie, both an action/adventure and a comedy. In reality, it’s a two hour snooze-fest that’s neither exciting nor is it funny. It’s like watching a dragged-out episode of New Girl, but without the best characters.

Justin and Ryan are best friends who have just reached the 30 year old milestone and don’t have much to show for it in their lives. They’re single, apartment-dwellers whose lives lack any excitement whatsoever. Justin struggles at work as a video game designer. It seems like no one else in his office takes him seriously. Ryan is completely unemployed, a creeper who hangs out with kids supposedly teaching them how to play football. It’s actually just a futile attempt to relive his glory days as a college football quarterback, a playing career that unfortunately ended with injury.

Let's Be Cops

So, Justin and Ryan are heading to a college reunion costume party, and decide to dress up as members of the LAPD. When they arrive, they realize it was actually a masquerade (whoops), but as they’re strutting around town dressed up as policemen, they notice that people are treating them differently. They’re being taken seriously, and they have a sense of power. This fuels Ryan to pretty much go off the deep end, deciding to embrace the life of a cop, and so he starts wearing the uniform each day and even buys a cop car to cruise around town in. For some reason, Justin actually agrees to go along with Ryan, and before they know it, these best friends wind up involved with some baddie mobsters who have no qualms about killing. They have to decide if they want to bring down the bad guys by themselves or if they want to get the real police involved.

Let's Be Cops

My little plot synapses makes this movie seem way better than it actually is. And that makes me sad. I won’t sugar coat this for you, because I don’t want you to make the same mistake that I did. This movie sucks. I mean, it’s really not interesting and not funny.  Damon Wayans, Jr. and Jake Johnson play Justin and Ryan, and there are times that these fellas can be funny, but the script of this movie is pretty much devoid of actual jokes. I’ve never seen a comedy that doesn’t even try to be funny. Unless the writers here thought they were being funny, in which case I feel sorry for them because they have no perception of reality.

In addition to being almost entirely unfunny, this film also has so many gaping plot holes that it doesn’t even work as an action film. The thinness of the storyline is actually a distraction. Not that there’s really that much to distract me from. The only real action in this movie takes place in the final half hour. That means you’ve got about an hour and a half of watching two guys cruising around in a cop car and thinking they’re awesome to get through before there’s any actual entertainment.

The best thing you can do for yourself is not watch this movie. If, for some reason, you’re being forced to through some inhumane act of torture, do yourself a favor and use it as an opportunity to catch up on some ZZzzzZZZzzzs. That is, if you’re able snooze to through the loud and obnoxious music that thumps through most of the film. Ugh, what a disaster.

Thumbs down.

Let's Be Cops

What He said:

Let's Be Cops

Justin and Mike are longtime pals and roommates. They could also be called “losers” in some sense.  Justin (Damon Wayans Jr.) is a video game designer who can’t get his employer to take him seriously. To be fair, this isn’t exactly his fault. His boss is a major douchebag and refuses to listen to any ideas other than his own. Despite that, he can’t get ahead in life. At least he has a job though, because Ryan (Jake Johnson) can’t even say that much. The guy does pretty much nothing with his life. He masquerades as a mentor at a local football club, but really I think he just shows up and pretends to teach them things, while really using it as an excuse to live out his old college playing days.

Let's Be Cops

Speaking of masquerading, the two get invited a costume party by some old college friends. Justin had some police officer uniforms around the office from one of his failed video game pitches. Ryan convinces him to use them for the party, since they look pretty authentic. The only problem is, that it’s not a costume party, but a masquerade.

Do people actually go to masquerade’s by the way? Who finds dressing up like that to be fun? If I’m going to dress up in a costume, I want to be able to pick what I want to go out as, not wear a tux with some feathers and glitter. I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get it. Sorry for the rant.

Anyway, once they get to the party, they realize their mistake, and are once again reminded of how much of a failure their lives have turned out to be. They leave dejected and walk around LA sulking. They notice something though – that people actually think they are cops. Women are hitting on them, people are listening to them, and criminals are showing them respect for fear of being taken down to the local precinct.

Long story short, they decide to take the ruse a little further. Ryan buts a police car at auction, as well as a bunch of other law enforcement supplies. Things get serious when they get involved with a local mob boss named Mossi Kasic (James D’Arcy).

Let's Be Cops

If you know anything about me and my reviews, you know they can get long. Once I start talking about something I enjoy, like movies, I can really ramble. Bottom line is, I just don’t have much to say about this movie. I chuckled maybe three times, but this movie simply wasn’t funny. This is a death sentence for a comedy. This surprised me, because I remember thinking the trailer looked ok. I remember listening to an interview with the two main stars that was funnier than the movie itself. They jokes were so flat, it felt like this movie wasn’t even written to be a comedy.

The two main stars were not good. Nobody in this movie really was. But there were a few that were so bad, it cannot go unsaid. Nina Dobrev was one of the worst leading ladies I’ve ever seen. I know that sometimes in comedies these roles are often nothing more than eye candy and get no good jokes at all, but this role takes it to new levels. She was completely and utterly useless, yet somehow managed to give a bad performance. Speaking of bad performances, Natasha Leggero and Keegan-Michael Key were some of the worst supporting roles/cameos I have ever seen. They were the definition of trying too hard. There was nothing funny about their characters at all.

Rating: Thumbs way down. One of the worst I’ve seen in a while.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on December 27, 2014.