Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet

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Last weekend, I took a little time to be a girl.  That means I rented some shameless chick movies and ate lots of candy.  Letters to Juliet was one of the filmed I indulged in.  While it wasn't perfect by any stretch, I can say it pretty much did its job.

The movie tells the story of Sophie (if that's not a chick-flick name, I don't know what is; played by Amanda Seyfriend), a young professional who travels with her self-obsessed fiancé to the Italian city of Verona for a vacation.  There she finds this wall, where women leave letters to Juliet (of Romeo and Juliet fame).  These letters typically ask guy-related questions, beg for advice, or just confide issues that only women can understand.  What Sophie finds is that a group of local ladies collect the letters daily and ghost-write responses from Juliet.  It's sort of a town tradition.  When Sophie comes across a letter that was lost for fifty years, she takes it upon herself to write a long-overdue response.  Not surprisingly (or surprisingly if you're rational of mind), the woman who wrote the letter, Claire (Vanessa Redgrave), now quite old, shows up days later to pursue her destiny of finding her long-lost love Lorenzo.  She is accompanied by her grandson, Charlie, who is single, handsome, and age-appropriate for Claire.  A journey for love for all parties involved ensues. 

And so that's the basics of the movie.  Not too complicated, nor is anything about this flick.  As with most chick-movies, the viewer needs to suspend belief if they want to enjoy the film.  Yes, it's a little shocking that this woman shows up what, three days later, to pursue lost love.  I guess both her, and her grandson could completely wipe their schedules clean at the drop of the hat.  It's also pure luck that both Claire and the infamous Lorenzo are still alive, single, and madly in love with eachother fifty years later.  There's lots of happy endings, no matter how phony, but the scenery is amazing and inspires feelings of general mushiness. 

This is a movie that you'll want to watch with other chicks or quietly by yourself.  Your boyfriends, husbands, male-friends, or anyone with a Y chromosome will not understand this one.  It's worth a rent, but won't be making its way into my rainy/sick-day catalogue of girlie movies.

Diagnosis: Thumbs half up.