What She said:


They say that humans only use a small percentage of their actual brain mass for daily function.  Ever wonder what it would be like if we were able to access it all?  Well, Limitless explores that question, following our main character, Eddie Morra, played pretty charismatically by Bradley Cooper, as he unleashes his full potential on the world.  Eddie is a bit of a screw up, a former drug addict who has already hit rock bottom and emerged as a struggling writer.  He has an advance on a book, but hasn’t even written a word.  He even looks like a loser—long stringy hair, shlubby clothing, and an unkempt five o’clock shadow. 

But Eddie’s life is turned around when an old friend introduces him to a black market drug that makes you super awesome.  Eddie becomes great at everything.  He’s a genius, he understands how to do everything, and suddenly his eyes are as blue as the Caribbean Sea.  But there are obvious downsides to the drug that become very significant.  Eddie becomes entwined in a scary criminal world.  Even worse, he learns that the drug carries with it an addiction that is lethal.  Can he regain control of his life before his pill supply runs out?

So, there’s a lot at stake for Eddie.  He has/had an awesome girlfriend who he is trying to prove himself to, and his life is literally on the line.  But despite all this apparent tension, I felt that Limitless fell flat at times.  It wasn’t outright boring, but sometimes the way out seemed a little too easy for Eddie.  Despite the fact that the film reminds us, numerous times, that Eddie has a finite number of pills, they just seem to keep popping up.  There were several times I couldn’t help but think, shouldn’t he be out by now?  It was just a little too convenient, even though the movie didn’t want us to feel that way. 

Limitless has a novel concept, but the script seemed a bit uneven and underutilized.  There were so many great things they could have done with the movie.  However, it appears the filmmakers didn’t want the audience to have to think too much, and that’s where it falters.  It is a nice piece of fluff, but I was wishing for a little more.  Stylistically, Limitless is snazzy, and it has pretty good performances.  It just didn’t live up to my expectations for what it could be.

Thumbs half up.

What he said:


Ever hear that old saying about how we only use a certain percentage of our brains? Imagine all the things we could do if we realized our full potential. Myth or not, the idea lends itself to all kinds of potential fun; particularly in the sci fi genre. That’s what Limitless is about.

It follows a loser named Eddie (Bradley Cooper) who one day comes into contact with his former brother-in-law Vernon, who offers him a chance to change his life. All of this can be done by simply taking a pill. If you can name what teen cult classic the guy playing his brother-in-law was in btw, I’ll give you a dollar. So, Eddie takes the pill and almost immediately begins to notice changes. He’s found a sense of clarity and motivation that he’s never had before. Within days, he’s noticing significant changes in his life. For example, that book that had had been working on – with little success – was suddenly complete.

But Eddie soon realizes that writing is for suckers and he decides to gamble his way to success. Even then, he has a thirst for more. So what is the next logical step? The stock market! Eddie begins to take in as much information as he can and with his newfound abilities soon becomes something of a stock picking genius.

This attracts the attention of Wall Street big wig Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro). He is obsessed with being the best and if that means recruiting some unconventional talent – such as Eddie – so be it.

Everything is going great until he realizes not everything is as it seems. Strangers are chasing him, Van Loon thinks he owns him, and the pill may be having some adverseeffects on him.

The plot may sound a little silly or convenient, but it works. It is a fun little ride with some flash effects. I will say though, that with a little more effort, this could have possibly been a really good science fiction film. As is, it is more of a popcorn flick.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This movie review was given the He said, She said seal of approval on October 11, 2011.