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LOST: Season 4

LOST: Season 4

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If you remember, in my review of season 3 (review here), I mentioned how angry I was at the conclusion of season 2. The Others had just captured Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, and Ben was revealed as their leader. The Others had won that finale and I wanted revenge. Well I got it in the form of the season 3 finale. The Losties got some revenge and took several of those hated Others. I remember cheering out loud the first time I saw it.

Something else happened towards the end of season 3. Some of the Losties (mostly just Locke at this point) began forming their own agenda. Locke knew from the second they landed on the island it was an extraordinary place. He had not had a great life before coming to the island. His life was pretty tragic to be honest. However, he soon became obsessed with the island, his purpose there, and forcing his beliefs on everyone else. It wasn’t enough that he wanted to stay on the island, he wanted his fellow survivors to stay as well, and would do anything (see examples here and here) to make sure that happened.

LOST: Season 4

If you also remember, Ben (Michael Emerson) told them that the mysterious freighter that was a few miles from the island was not what it seemed. The Losties actually made contact with one of the freighters crew. Her name is Naomi (Marsha Thomason) and she quickly finds survivors and seems friendly enough. Not because of anything Ben or Locke (Terry O’Quinn) say, but rather because of a warning from Charlie, some people actually decide to head off into the jungle with Locke and hide from the crew of the freighter.

 I was so angry at this point. Not because I thought the show made some kind of fatal mistake, but how passionate I was about some of the characters decision to follow Locke. I liked Locke very early in the show. He was a nice guy who was more than willing to help provide for the group. He also had a pretty sad backstory. He was very sympathetic character. But my sympathy started wane when his recognition that the island was a unique place turned into an obsession that endangered the lives of his fellow survivors. Boone died as a result of his obsession in season 1. When Kate (Evangeline Lily) and Sayid (Naveen Andrews) went recuse Jack (Matthew Fox) from the Others is season 3, Locke joins them. He actually joins the Others! I know, right? He tags along with Kate and Sayid under the illusion he’s there to rescue Jack, then says, “Adios my fellow survivors, this island makes me feel like I have purpose in my life, and I think the Others can help me find out what that purpose is.” I was livid. The Others attacked, captured, tortured, and even killed the 815 survivors from the second they landed on the island, and these are the people Locke chooses to join? Willingly?! To quote Sawyer, “Son of a bitch!” And as I mentioned above, he actually interferes when people try to leave the island. I would have no problem if he simply wanted to stay there. Hell, I’d want to stay there too. Who wants real life when you can live on a magical island?

LOST: Season 4

So anyways, some in the group wanted to go with Locke and hide in the jungle because they were afraid the people on the freighter are not there to rescue them, and possibly even harm them. Well it turns out he was half right. The freighter consisted of a few different groups. One was a group of mercenaries, the other a group of scientists. Neither seemed to be there for the purpose of specifically harming the survivors, but neither viewed rescuing the survivors as a priority either.

This is where things get really hairy. The mercenaries – led by a guy named Keamy – are there to capture Ben and bring him to Charles Widmore (Alan Dale). If you remember, Widmore was the man who drove Desmond (Henry Ian Cusack) away from his girlfriend Penny; who was his daughter. Widmore does not specifically instruct the mercenaries to kill the survivors of flight 815, but he also didn’t tell them they couldn’t. He instructed them to get Ben at all costs and they take that order very seriously. They’re mercenaries after all. Their moral compass is…well nonexistent. The Losties are now caught in this war, which leads to an uneasy alliance with the Others. I know, it totally freaked me out too. I remember feeling so confused by this, but in watching the show again for the first time in a while, I see how it happened. It’s not like they liked the Others – hell the Others even tried to kill them – but the two groups sort of came to an “understanding” after Widmore’s men came in and try to wipe them all out.

LOST: Season 4

As I mentioned above, the freighter consisted of two teams. The science team – while being a little secretive and even a little aggressive with the Losties – was easily the less hostile of the team teams. They mercenaries won’t hesitate to kill the Losties if they get in their way. The science team is a little more reasonable. The science team is made up of Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies), Miles (Ken Leung), and Charlotte (Rebecca Mader). There’s also a pilot named Frank Lapidus (Jeff Fahey).

Jack, Kate, and the rest of their crew are still interested in helping everyone get rescued, and still play a very big part in the season, but all this other stuff added a lot of depth. Up until now it’s been the Losties vs the Others. Now I had no problem with that stuff. In fact, it’s great. It made for some of the greatest moments of the first season. But turning the show on its head and forcing the Losties to align themselves with their former enemies was a gutsy move. It made me feel conflicted at first, but you have to kind of look at it as them being forced into this war. They are a part of it whether they want to be or not.

Nobody knows that more than Sayid (Naveen Andrews). He is manipulated by Ben something awful this year. Sayid has a very dark and violent past, so it’s strange to say this is the beginning of a dark turn for the character, but it really is, because he chooses to align himself with Ben during season 4. It also really  reinforces what an evil bastard Ben Linus was. Michael Emerson was simply excellent as this vindictive, manipulative, and dangerous individual.

LOST: Season 4

Speaking of the war between Ben and Widmore, Season 4 also had one of the most memorable moments in the show’s history. The conflict between the two men forces Ben to take extreme measures.

The only complaint I have about this season is some of the confusion over the freighter’s crew. The mercenary team and the science team seem to be totally independent teams, not even aware of the other’s goals, and the captain of the boat seems to know even less about their actual mission. What was their mission exactly? It seems Widmore told people different things. Was there a purpose to that or was it just poorly written?

Rating: Thumbs up.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on April 24, 2013.


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