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LOST: Season 6

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Well that took a while. I knew it was going to take some time to make my way through this show when I decided to re-watch it, but that took way longer than I expected. When I started to work on this review I went back and looked to see when I wrote my review for season one and didn’t realize it was in summer of 2012!  This is a very in-depth show. Watching and reviewing it takes a lot of time and effort and more than I thought too. You don’t want to miss anything when and want to dedicate an appropriate amount of time when discussing it. Plus, sometimes life just gets in the way of the important stuff (like watching LOST).  
A few big things happen towards the end of season five.

First, we find out that John Locke (Terry O’Quinn) isn’t really John Locke at all. John Locke truly is dead and the Monster (Man in Black as he’s been nicknamed) has been posing as Locke to get people to follow him.  John Locke was someone who always knew the island was something special and was completely dedicated to serving and protecting it. Knowing that, MIB decided to use Locke’s form to get people to follow him, so that he could attain his endgame.

Lost Season 6

Speaking of the MIB and using Locke’s face to persuade people, he manages to convince Ben (Michael Emerson) to kill Jacob; the former “leader” of the Others. Like the real John Locke, Ben was completely obsessed with the island. But after years of going on blind faith, he had enough of Jacob’s (Mark Pellegrino) secrets and lack of instructions.  He was willing to do some truly terrible things in the name of the island, but after no direction for Jacob for decades, Ben blew a fuse and stabbed his former “boss”.

Also, Jack is a man on a mission. That isn’t anything new for Jack, but it’s his goal that is surprising.  From the moment he first arrived on the island, all Jack (Matthew Fox) wanted to do was help get them rescued. However, when he did finally make it off the island, he became a man without a purpose. He was “lost” so to speak. He felt like he had to go back. He felt as if being there would reveal his purpose in life.

Well once he got back – and interacted with Faraday (Jeremy Davies) a bit – he came to the conclusion that his purpose was to making everything right again. If you remember back to season 5, the island was “off balance” and skipping throughout time (like a broken record). Faraday (he is a physicist) concludes that if they set off the bomb it will not only stop this from happening, but also prevent their plane from crashing. Essentially, they’d travel back in time, still be on flight 815, and it would land safely in Los Angeles.

This causes all kinds of chaos amongst the survivors. Kate is very hurt by this, because she and Jack ended up together due to their shared experiences on the island. While he loves her, he says all of the death and destruction that has happened to them can be avoided by doing this. He would rather have not endured all the pain and suffering that island has brought them. She also doesn’t want to end up in prison. If you remember, she was a prisoner being transported by a U.S. Marshal. This also angers Sawyer, because he had settled down with Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) and was a member of the Dharma Initiative in 1975. He was quite happy with the life he built with her. When his fellow 815 survivors returned, things got messy and that all fell apart. To make matters worse, we find out at the beginning of this season that not only did Jack’s plan not work – absolutely nothing changed – but Juliet died as a result.


Despite not working, we are shown a series of events that indicates something happened. We see the island under water. We see flight 815 landing safely in LA. We also see the Losties get off the plane and go on with their lives as if nothing happened. Something isn’t quite right though, because not everything is the same. For example, Sawyer is a cop (of all things). Desmond – who was not originally on flight 815 – works for Charles Widmore (Alan Dale) and is seemingly not with Penny. Perhaps the strangest thing of them all, Ben is a school teacher – and Alex is one of his students!? Oh yeah and Jack somehow has a son. So what gives? Every other season had flashbacks or snippets from the future of the main character’s lives. This is clearly neither, but more on that later.

I have to admit I did not love the first several episodes of season six. I did not care for the story arc at the Temple at all. It was uninteresting and rather pointless. I had no attachment or familiarity to this faction of the Others. In the past there was Tom, Ben, Richard, Mikhail, Ethan, and a few others we got to know a little bit more about. These characters were true villains and when they showed up on screen I was creepy out by them. But there is another group of them that we just happen to be seeing for the first time this season? Sorry, I didn’t buy it. It just felt tacked on and redundant. These characters did not carry the same weight as some of the ones I mentioned above. Those characters were truly menacing.

Fortunately, the Man in Black wipes out most of the camp at the Temple and kills that storyline. After that is when things start to get really good.

When Hurley tells Jack that he's staying with him to the end. One of the more emotional scenes of the finale.

Ok, so what happens in season 6? Season 6 is mainly about Jacob and MIB’s (Titus Welliver) war with one another and the role everyone else plays in that.   This season reveals a lot about them, their rivalry, and the island itself. Jacob and MIB are brothers who were stranded on the island when the ship carrying their mother (Claudia) crashed there. Another woman – only identified as Mother – murdered Claudia and took her children and raised them as her own. Mother (Alison Janney) was the previous Jacob. She took the boys because she wanted to find a replacement for her as the protector of the island. I suspect she was lonely too, because despite being absolutely insane, she did seem to care about the boys. Mother and MIB had a falling out, resulting in him killing her. Before he did though, she made Jacob the new protector of the island.
MIB hated Mother because he found out she was lying the both of them about – well a lot of things actually – and also prevented him from leaving the island. This is what led to him murdering her. After he killed her, Jacob got his revenge on his brother by throwing him into the heart of the island – which transformed him into the black cloud of smoke we all know and love.

What is the heart of the island you ask? It’s a little tough to put into words, but here it goes. Mother tells the boys that at the center of the island is a light – light that resides in all of us. But humanity, being the selfish species that we are always want more and if they try to get more they could put the light out, which would destroy everything.
Yeah, but what is it you’re asking? The light is everything. Its life, death, and everything else in between. It’s both good and bad. If you recall the ending of the show, when they open the church doors we see…you guessed it, a bright light. It can make life and take life. The right amount of it can do wonderful things. It creates life, it heals sick people (remember Locke, Rose and countless others), and grants its protector immortality. But it can also do terrible things – like when MIB was exposed to the very source of it. It took all of the hate he had inside him and turned him into a monster. Literally.  

So what does this have to do with the Others you might ask? Much like his Mother, Jacob didn’t want the job anymore, so he was looking for his replacement. Several of the 815 survivors were candidates for the job. The Others were Jacob’s followers. They served as protectors for the candidates. They didn’t really know this because Jacob wasn’t the best communicator in the world – he preferred a different approach rather than tell them what to do – and the Others were often left unchecked. Jacob believes it best if people were given free will. That’s nice and all, but his naïve belief in the inherent goodness of man led to a lot of pain, suffering, and even death in his name. Now it’s not his fault that the Others chose to act the way they did, but he certainly could have prevented it had he simply given them a little more guidance once and a while. He definitely shares some of the blame for their actions as far as this reviewer is concerned.

The only thing Jacob ever did was have Richard (Nestor Carbonell) serve as his intermediary between him and all those who came to the island. Richard relayed instructions from Jacob to the Others. That sounds great, but people are petty, selfish, and power hungry. Without Jacob around to tell them directly what he wants from them, people like Ben and Charles Widmore form their own agendas, fight for power, and generally do what they want.

Richard also seemed to get caught up in the whole Others hierarchy himself. He was supposed to be Jacob’s emissary – and was at times – but for a large chunk of time he is caught up more in  the Others’ little side projects.  Speaking of Richard, we finally get to find out more about him, and why he doesn’t age. Ab Aeterno is one of the best episodes of the entire show.  I loved finding out more about this mysterious character.

Lost Season 6

With Jacob dead, MIB plans to finally leave the island forever. Jacob made it his mission that his brother could never leave and this after Mother wouldn’t let him leave either. You know, if killing Mother and Jacob was all he did, I could have sided with him. A small part of me still does and I’m not one to sympathize with villains. I actually felt really bad for him. They had no right to do that and it actually drove him mad and it turned him into a monster in more ways than one. He became hell-bent on revenge. And by revenge, I don’t mean just killing Mother and Jacob.  He was so consumed by his anger that not only did he want to kill his Mother and brother, he wanted to kill anyone who would continue their work, in addition to destroying the island itself. He was there for thousands of years and became obsessed with destroying everything the island represented.

Up until the very end though, the Losties didn’t know about this little tidbit. He was telling them that he was going to help them escape. He told them that, like them, all he wanted to do was leave. The Losties didn’t really trust him, but were along for the ride because he really did seem to want to leave the island and hadn’t done anything threatening to them.  

Now back to the Losties for a second. Kate (Evangeline Lily), Sawyer, Hurley (Jorge Garcia), and most of the regulars are reluctantly following MIB so they can leave once and for all. Claire (Emilie de Ravin) is as well, but she is not on good terms with her fellow survivors. She’s angry with them for leaving the island and taking her son away (though she seems to forget she abandoned him to follow MIB). Like Claire, Sayid also becomes an acolyte of MIB, but ditches him when he finds out about his true intentions. Richard is a total mess, because without Jacob he has no idea what to do. Ben is also a mess because he questions his decision to murder Jacob and also isn’t sure what he’s supposed to do next. Watching these two characters in particular is interesting because they basically had their whole belief system yanked out from their feet. They did some horrible things because of their beliefs, but are now unsure of their choices. Speaking of Ben, his war with Charles Widmore concludes this season. And speaking of war, Desmond – because of his abilities – becomes a weapon that both Widmore and MIB want to use to achieve their goals.

The Losties eventually discover MIB’s true intentions, Widmore and Ben finally have one last showdown, and the shit hits the fan in more ways than one.

So what about that flash sideways? Long story short, it was essentially purgatory. It was a place the Losties – unknowingly – created so that they could be with one another as they crossed over into the afterlife (whatever that may be in the LOST universe). Jack’s father explains it to him so clearly and perfectly.  It was a nice little gift to the audience to explain what was happening. Once they all realize what was going on, they are at peace and can finally crossover together. It was an extremely touching ending to a show that was filled with lots of emotion. I’m not the only one who thinks so either.  I absolutely love this man’s reaction to the ending.  Hell, even Jorge Garcia cried when he read it for the first time. That’s awesome stuff right there.

Season 5 was my least favorite (review here). I mentioned earlier I did not care for the first several episodes of this season, so I was really beginning to worry about how the show would end. But once it got past that initial storyline I was fully on board. I enjoyed the rest of the season so much, I think it overcame those early episodes. It was a great finish to a great show.

LOST had it all. It was a very well-acted and emotional drama, but had the luxury of as sci fi/fantasy setting (to make things a little more interesting). The show created its own mythology and such an in-depth one at that. Sure, they got caught up in creating new mysteries just for the sake of it at times, but all the important stuff was addressed. It also managed to see these fantastical elements in a way that gave the show credibility. You believed what you were seeing, even if you knew it was impossible. The music was also incredible. LOST has some of the best music I’ve ever heard. It’s so emotional that just listening to it puts you in the character’s shoes. Take these scenes for example. They are good scenes with emotional stuff, but the music really solidifies it.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on March 23, 2014.

The Losties finally find peace.