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Can't But Me Love

Can't Buy Me Love


Long before Patrick Dempsey was known as McDreamy, he played a skinny geek known as Ronald Miller. Ronald is not unlike a lot of kids at that age. He just wants to be liked. So much so that he's willing to pay the most popular girl at his school to pretend to be his girlfriend.

This movie explores what happens when you take a geek and make him popular very quickly. Long story short, he essentially turns into Frankenstein's monster. But fear not, before all is said and done, we all learn some things about labeling, materialism, and basic human decency.

The 80's produced a lot of these teen "dramadies." Sure, looking at them they seem totally dated now. But if you stop laughing at the bad hair and clothing, the message is still there. I would put this move on par with a lot of similar and more popular movies of the same genre, some of which, I might even call overrated. I always really enjoyed this movie. It feels very genuine to me.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This review was written for your reading pleasure on August 29, 2010.