Lark Rise to Candleford

Lark Rise to Candleford: Season 3

What She said:


Life in Lark Rise and Candleford is rapidly changing.  A young journalist, Daniel Parish, arrives in town, bringing with him the prospect of a large inheritance for the Timmins family.  In the meantime, Laura Timmins takes a liking to Daniel, and the two begin to explore a relationship, much to the displeasure of Laura’s mother and father, who don’t trust the young man.  Alf continues to struggle with raising his family without his mother.  After having to live with Queenie and Twister for a while, Alfie has established his own home.  He’s also leading a lot of the work in the fields, and seems to have a more stable future ahead of him, if only he didn’t have so many mouths to feed.  Minnie has taken a liking to Alfie and imagines herself his bride, but they are limited by his obligations to family.  Throughout Season 3, he struggles to explain to her that their relationship cannot be.  Dorcas continues to lead the post office, although she encounters a few struggles during the season, and is briefly taken out of action, at which time Laura stands in rather unsuccessfully.  Ruby pursues love, while Pearl is miserable in her absence, and there’s even more scandal throughout town.  Toward the end of the season, Laura’s past love, Fisher Bloom returns, which stirs up old feelings, despite her current commitment to Daniel. 

Season 3 explores some of our main characters and their woes in greater depth.  You’ll feel for poor Alfie, who cannot escape his mother’s irresponsibility.  Laura’s indecisiveness takes center stage.  And Emma Timmins becomes restless in her life.  Can anyone say mid-life crisis?  If you’ve been through Seasons 1 and 2, then 3 will serve as an adequate continuation.  I wondered if some of the characters had run their course, but the season as a whole worked fairly well.  Overall, I have to wonder how many times Laura and Dorcas can fall in love without things working out in the long-run.  Hopefully, the abbreviated Season 4 will offer some closure to both their storyarchs. 

Production value continues to be very good.  The strength in this program is its characters.  In general, men probably won’t like Lark Rise to Candleford at all, but the ladies, especially those who like period stuff, should fine this program quite enjoyable.

Thumbs up