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What She said:


Man’s quest to take over the Universe has failed him yet again.  In Monsters, a space probe returning to Earth crashes in Mexico and spreads alien contamination.  Very quickly, mysterious monsters begin to overrun a large portion of the country, and U.S. and international forces must create a quarantined infected zone.  So there’s your background.

The movie actually focuses on two characters, Sam, a woman who seems to be running from her life in the U.S. and ends up trapped in Mexico, and Kaulder, an employee of her rich daddy’s who has been tasked with bringing Sam home.  Kaulder is a photographer by trade, and so he’s devoted to snapping pictures of the creatures, the more gruesome and dramatic, the better.  Of course, Sam and Kaulder’s journey is not as easy as it should have been.  Instead of hopping a ferry home, they must travel through the very dangerous infected zone, fleeing from the alien creatures and fighting for their lives. 

This movie sort of felt, at times, like Jurassic Park, except not quite as good.  The characters were interesting, although Kaulder is not exactly a sweet guy, and there’s some mystery to both.  But the action is not to par with what you would have hoped.  There’s lots of build up and suspense, and yet actual alien encounters are minimal.  Sorry for the spoiler, but that’s just how it is.  That said, it’s still a very interesting movie.  The aliens looked neat.  They were obvious squid rip-offs, but they glow, which is sort of cool.  I like that it took place in a foreign country, which gave the movie a sense of authenticity.  And the filmmakers not so subtly hint, that the monsters aren’t really monsters at all, just misunderstood creatures.   You’ll either like or really hate the ending. 

Thumbs up.

What He said:


I can almost guarantee you haven’t heard of this one, let alone seen it. It is independent, British, science fiction film and that may not register on your radar. Hell, I never even heard of it until I saw someone else recommend it.

Anyways, Monsters is about a group of mysterious creatures that popped up around the U.S./Mexican border 6 years prior to the movie’s events. They seemingly hitched a ride back to Earth on a crashed probe. Ever since the creatures started popping up, the U.S. and Mexican governments have been struggling to contain the new, alien population. A wall has been built to contain the area and there is a constant military presence.

The story is about a young photographer named Kaulder. He’s in Mexico hoping to earn some big bucks by snapping some shots of the creatures. Against his wishes, he gets stuck escorting the big boss’ daughter back to the U.S. Her name is Samantha and it is never stated said why she was in Mexico to begin with, but implied she wanted to escape from her life back in the states.

The movie follows them as they go great efforts to get home; which included traveling through the quarantined zone where the creatures spend most of their time.

Some will say this movie is slow. Some will say enough didn’t happen. Some will even say it is boring, but this movie isn’t supposed to be Independence Day, Battle Los Angeles, or Avatar. It is an intentionally smaller scale movie. It’s more subdued. It’s along the lines of The Road, Moon, or Sunshine, all of which probably draw some inspiration from Alien.

So if you like any of those movies and don’t need things constantly blowing up in your face, give it a chance.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on June 23, 2011.