The Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

What he said:


I don't like Wes Anderson movies. I've seen a few of them and his brand of "humor" isn't for me. To me, humor is something that actually makes you laugh. That being said, I had heard this was decent and decided to give it a chance.

Well I still didn't like it. There were a few laughs, and I do mean a few, but overall it was pretty much everything I dislike about Anderson's style of humor. Meaning it's simply not funny to me. Movies that bill themselves as comedies, but aren’t funny are as bad as it gets for me. That defines Wes Anderson’s movies imo and I have yet to see one I like. At this point, I’ll probably never watch another one of his movies again.

I don't even like some of the actors he frequently uses. Jason Schwartzman bothers me in just about everything I've seen him in. Even this movie and he was a cartoon in it. I just think his "comedic delivery" is awful.

Rating: Thumbs down.

This movie revie was completed sometime in June 2010.

What she said:


I didn't think this movie was quite as bad as my counterpart suggests above, but that doesn't mean I particularly liked it. I just found it boring. The animation was breathtaking. It's wonderful in this day in age to see stop motion animation, or something that requires a little more effort and skill. I found that aspect of the movie to be truly enjoyable. But the storyline was a little drab, and the laughs just weren't there.

I would recommend this movie if I thought it would work as a children's movie, but not really. I think it was intended for adult audiences. Don't get me wrong. It's not horrible. I found nothing painful about the whole experience, but I just didn't get into the movie the way that I would have hoped. Wes Anderson's humor is almost always too dark for me. It's like watching a kid fall off a bike and laughing. But sometimes I can get by because the characters are interesting. The characters in this movie just aren't that compelling.

I'm not sure where all the stellar reviews for this film come from. I think people become so blown away by the animation that they forget the other elements of a good movie. However, I'll still say it could be worth a rent, if you're dying to dig your teeth into some classic stop motion animation.

Diagnosis: Thumbs halfway