Percy Jackson


What he said:


Think Harry Potter meets Clash of the Titans. Well it was better than Clash (the recent one) and on par with some of Potter flicks (which I enjoy, but they are overrated by hardcore fans imo). It's definitely aimed at a similar audience though.

Stories from Greek mythology are the original comic books. So the nerd in me finds stuff like this appealing. Gods, monsters, adventure, it's just fun. It's an entertaining enough family/tween movie.

Though I do have to say the pacing was far, far too fast. I've never read any of these books and for a movie's first foray into this universe, it all unfolds a little too quickly at times. The acting was a bit matter of fact at times, but with stuff like this you often have to wonder if that is how they are instructed to play it (as it happens so often).

It's definitely a shut your brain off movie. Do that and you can enjoy it.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This review was completed on July 16, 2010.