Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

What she said:


Oh boy, I would have loved this movie when I was 14 or 15.  Shame I’m not that age anymore.  I mean, I didn’t hate Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  It’s just that in my older age I invest way more in storyline than I did when I was a fresh-faced youth. 

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is loud, colorful, and visually splendid.  There will be moments where your jaw will drop over the amazing special effects.  The fight sequences are fun and over-the-top, and the editing is generally fast-paced.  I think it’s intentionally synchronized to the punk-techno music that thumps throughout the flick. 

And yet, for a visual/audio experience that can be comparable to an LSD-induced dream, things sometimes move a little slow.  The overall plot doesn’t go very far.  22 year old nobody dates high school girl, meets new girl, cheats on old girl, dumps old girl (kinda), and then fulfills a quest to defeat all 7 of new girl’s evil exes so that he can date her.  I guess I was kind of expecting more to happen, believe it or not.  More character development.  I was pleased to see that Michael Cera’s character does seem to have a bit of a growing experience.  Otherwise, he just sort of seems like an empty vessel who spits out goofy/funny one-liners.  Sadly, the film is filled with a whole bunch of characters who are mostly bystanders with not much to contribute.

My problem with movies like this (and 500 Days of Summer and Adventureland) is that I often find the female leads to be pretty unlikable.  What makes her so special, aside from the everchanging hair color, that warrants your relentless pursuit?  Must be that ‘ole love-at-first-sight rearing its ugly head again.

Anyway, I didn’t get totally bored.  Visually, I don’t think the movie will let you do that.  But I thought it was a little overhyped.  I recommend it as a DVD rental for some people, although I think those like my parents will want to steer clear altogether. 

Diagnosis: Thumbs mostly down (unless you like punk/techno music, Kieran Culkin, and kung-fu)

What he said:


Style over substance; that is the best way I can describe this movie. A few weeks ago when I reviewed Planet Terror, I had said that these over-the-top, highly stylized are hit or miss with me, and this one was definitely a miss.

I don't even care about the movie all that much to discuss the plot, characterization, and what not, but that would be a bad review. Long story short, it's about a guy who covets this girl (why, we don't exactly know) and has to fight her seven evil ex-boyfriends to win her heart. There's a lot of whiny, hipster stuff mixed with some bad music and some fairly entertaining special effects (but even that gets old after a little while).

The premise wasn't a bad one. They try to bring a video game to life in a fun, quirky way that proudly doesn't take itself too seriously. It's just that they relied on the gimmick too much. First (as I mentioned above), I got tired of the gimmick quickly. Additionally, the story was did not draw me in at all. I simply didn't care what happened to any of them.

Chris Evans and Ellen Wong were pretty entertaining though. They were the lone funny characters in an otherwise boring movie. I laughed quite at bit at those two.

It's a pity what a waste of Michael Cera too!

Rating: Thumbs down.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on November 15, 2010.