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Prison Break: Season 3

Prison Break: Season 3

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I remember when I saw the final scene of season 2, I nearly shit myself. Michael, and a few others, were in a prison in a foreign country. That alone scares me. The idea of being locked up period scares me, but when you add the whole foreigner factor, it’s downright terrifying.  Being locked up in a country where you don’t speak the language  or know a single person there only makes you a target.

So, Michael is walking down a dark hallway as soon as he’s tossed into the prison). It’s clear that this is not like other prisons almost immediately. People are staring at him from the second he walks in. They look like they could snap at any given second. There’s inmates passed out with needles in their arms as if this was a crack house. Bellick (Wade Williams) is laying there in his underwear, nearly beaten to death. Worst of all there are hundreds of inmates cheering something (which is never good) outside in the prison yard. You can’t see what it is at the end of season two, but when this season begins, let’s just say it looks like something out of ancient Rome.

Prison Break: Season 3

Michael, Mahone, and Bellick are in Sona. They are soon joined by T-Bag (Robert Knepper). Sona is where they put the worst of the worst in Panama. Sona is so bad that there are no guards inside the facility. There was a riot there in the past and the inmates chased the guards out. The guards are positioned outside. The only interaction they have with the inmates is when they open up the gates to toss some food and supplies in or for the inmates toss dead bodies out. 

Michael (Wentworth Miller) is in Sona because of the death of Company agent Bill Kim (Reggie Lee). Michael’s main squeeze, Sarah, killed Kim in self-defense. He was going to kill both Michael and Lincoln and Sarah shoots him in order to save her man and his brother. The local Panamanian police show up at that exact moment though, and Kim being an agent of the super secretive agency,simply believe they murdered an innocent man (I think Kim’s gun fell into a river or something). Michael takes the blame for Sarah’s actions and is thus placed in Sona.

Prison Break: Season 3

Mahone (William Fichtner) is in prison because he was caught on a boat filled with drugs. At the end of season two, he turned Michael and Lincoln over to Kim. You see, the Company was framing Mahone into doing their dirty work. He was an FBI agent, not a legit member of the Company. Mahone was pursuing the brothers to get the Company off his back once and for all. He then steals Michael’s boat, which Michael foresaw, hence the boat being filled with illegal drugs. Michael figured if he was going down, he’d take Mahone with him. Despite being after Michael, he ends up in the same place as him at the end.

Bellick was trying to capture Lincoln and Michael for Mahone, off the books, while simultaneously trying to claim the reward for their capture too. I was always curious to see if he did capture the brothers, what he’d actually do. Would he turn them over to the authorities or deliver them to Mahone? We don’t find out, because Bellick gets caught up in it and is blamed for a murder he did not commit.

Prison Break: Season 3

This character is changed dramatically this season. He goes from lawman, to unofficial bounty hunter, to a total fish out of water. He’s pick on, beat up, and generally dismissed by most of the inmates at Sona. He’s absolutely pathetic compared to his former self. When he was a prison guard, he was top dog. Even when he was Mahone’s lackey, he exhibited that same cocky junkyard dog demeanor he did as a prison guard.   You actually really start to feel sorry for him this season. He’s a great secondary villain the first two seasons, but he’s so pathetic this season, you can’t help but feel for the guy.

T-Bag got caught up in the Company’s pursuit of the brothers. If you remember back to last season, he originally got away with Westmoreland’s money and was living the life of a murderous wealthy nomad. He was killing, buying hookers, and living in high-end hotels. He was in maniac heaven. He ends up getting caught by the authorities though and when he does a Company agent makes him a deal. They bail him out of jail and ask him to help catch the brothers. Michael is obsessed with putting T-Bag back behind bars. He was never able to live with himself that T-Bag was free because of him. So, when Michael sees T-Bag, he goes after him, and gets caught in the process (by the local authorities, not the Company). Since T-Bag failed, the Company bails on him and he too ends up in Sona.

Prison Break: Season 3

Speaking of Sona and T-Bag, he quickly aligns himself with the man in charge – Norman “Luchero” Patrone. Patrone (Robert Wisdom) is a druglord who is in prison for life. Being that he has major connections to the outside, he has all kinds of connections with both the outside and the guards stationed at Sona. He runs Sona with an iron fist. He asks the inmates to behave themselves and they generally do. However, whenever they have a problem with one another, one offers a challenge and they must fight to the death. No fighting, stealing, or doing “business” that Patrone is unaware of. If you do, you must face his right hand man Sammy (Laurence Mason). Sammy is pretty much the toughest guy in Sona, hence his position as Luchero’s number one enforcer. T-Bag, being the slimy little survivor that he is, slithers his way into Patrone’s gang. He turns himself into Patrone’s lapdog. He figures if he’s in foreign territory, he might as well make powerful allies. But, since we all know T-Bag, we know he will not stay in this position forever.

Meanwhile, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell), Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies), and Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) are trying to cope with the fact that Michael is in prison. In season 2, Michael and Lincoln successfully proved Lincoln’s innocence and the Company’s existence. The Company is not happy about this, so they blackmail Michael into breaking a prisoner out of Sona for them. James Whistler (Chris Vance) is a mysterious guy. He claims to just be a fisherman, but they suspect he’s a Company operative. What’s the Company’s leverage? They kidnap Sara and Lincoln’s son LJ, who was living safely with some enemies of the company until now. Whistler’s girlfriend Sofia (Danay Garcia) is also roped in. She doesn’t know about Whistler’s mysterious past. Tensions between her and Lincoln are high.

Prison Break: Season 3

Who is the person leading this mission and torturing Lincoln and Michael, once again, in the process? A woman known only to Lincoln as Susan B. Anthony, though her real name is Gretchen Morgan (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). She is one coldhearted bitch and one hell of a villain! This woman is so nasty and snarky to boot. I wonder if she enjoyed playing the character as much as I enjoyed watching? The interactions between her and Lincoln are filled with tension and a little humor too.

There are uneasy alliances all around. Lincoln is forced to work with the Company – the very organization that framed him for murder. He also has to work with Whistler’s girlfriend Sofia. She’s not a bad person at all, but seems to be completely in the dark about who he really is, which creates conflict. Michael is also forced to align himself with Mahone, who handed him over to the Company to begin with, and Luchero once he gets wind of the escape. Bellick is also brought in because of his prior relationship with them. Oh, and of course T-Bag manages to weasel his way into the group once again.

Some things I liked about this season were the new environment, change of pace, and all of the action, thrills, and paranoia that make Prison Break so entertaining.

The fact that they were in another country was a nice change of scenery. In addition to several hot Hispanic women, it added a layer of difficulty for Lincon. Linc is the brawn to Michael’s brains. He’s not the thinker or planner. However, with Michael in prison, he’s forced to take on that role, and in a country where he doesn’t speak the language no less.

Prison Break: Season 3

This season switched things up a bit. Not everyone involved in “the break” is actually in prison. I liked that the group was split up. Just as I mentioned above about Lincoln being on his own, Michael is too, as the smart brother is alone in prison without anyone to defend him. Bellick is also completely changed this season. I love what they did with his character. He, along with T-Bag and Mahone, are probably my top three characters; though I love me some Sucre too. Sure is just such a good guy. He’s made mistakes, but he’s a good man. I love his camaraderie with the brothers.  He’s practically the third brother. Him working with Linc and not Michael was another new thing this season. His relationship with Linc grows a lot this season.

Season three continues with the tradition of kick-ass action, high-tension and drama, and all of the thrills and conspiracy theories this show is known for. It’s not as emotional as something like LOST or Battlestar Galatica, but the entertainment value is just as high.

My only complaint about this show is that sometimes things are a little too easy for the main characters. They walk around in public, with little-to-no attempts at hiding their identities, and should be recognized far more than they are. On the occasion that someone does notice them and authorities do pursue them, they always find a way to get out of it. It’s not a huge problem at all, but it’s noticeable.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on October 12, 2014.