What he said:


I really don't like movies where a character is holding the camera the entire movie. Besides making me dizzy, its entire unbelievable. "It's just a movie, it's not supposed to be realistic", you are saying. That is where we disagree. It doesn't have to be realistic per say, but it has to be believable in the context of the film. It's conceivable someone might film snippets of an event, but for me to believe it happens nonstop, especially in the face of death is absurd. I might have liked this movie a whole lot more if it were not for this "effect".

Parts of this were well done though. It was very gritty and all of that, but 28 Days Later is a much better "infected people" type of movie. Its gritty and realistic approach was definitely the strongest part of the movie. It simply didn’t “wow” me the way 28 Days did.

The ending also did not fit with the rest of the film, though from what I read it works better with the original (a non American film).

Rating: Thumb half up.