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Horror-master Wes Craven decided to take a break from genre to direct this suspensful thriller. Upon hearing his name, I imagine it would be easy for some to either one; assume it is his usual supernatural/monster flick, or two; write it off as a bad movie. Well let me tell you, neither one of those is true. This is a very entertaining political thriller

Not to mention, it is also well-acted. It has severl big names in it, which is also something you might not think of when you think of Wes Craven.

Rachel McAdams is excellent as the protagonist. The character's emotions are all over the spectrum as she's thrusted into this world of assassination attempts, blackmail, and other nasty stuff. She portrays these emotions with a convincing performance.

What can I say about Cillian Murphy? The guy first caught my eye as the initially helpless, but not incapable of taking care of himself lead-male in 28 Days Later. Minor spoiler. Ever since, he's been playing some major creeps, and doing it well. 2005 must have been the year of the bad guy for him, because he starred in both this and Batman Begins.

Brian Cox's role is small, but well-acted. This guy just has a great screen-presence.

I know it's easy to think of namless (and bad) teen actors when you hear the name Wes Craven, but this definitely isn't his typical film. Give this one a chance, you'll enjoy it.

Rating: Thumbs up.

This review took place sometimes during the month of August 8, 2010.