What he said:


Simply put, this is an awesome movie from top-to-bottom. Some might question this assertion, they might even call it "ridiculous", but hear me out (and watch the movie while you're at it).

This movie knows exactly what it is. It doesn't pretend to be something it's not and proudly wears its violent, satirical, tone on its sleeve. Because of that, the final product ends up being damn brilliant.

This movie is like watching a comic book come to life on screen. Everything about it was perfect in that sense. The environment, the villains (whom you both love and hate), the tragic origins story, this movie has it all. It's so well-made in that sense, you would actually think it was based on some kind of previous material, but it's not. This baby is totally original!

Set in a dystopian future, the city of Detroit is on the verge of total collapse. Drug dealers, pimps, hookers, all kinds of baddies are running rampant. The police union is on the verge of a strike and has been bought out by a huge mega-corporation (with questionable motives) tasked with getting the city back on track. So they do the only thing they can to kick start "New Detroit" and create Robocop: half man, half machine, all cop!

The casting in this movie was very well done. I remember reading something that hinted they wanted Arnold to do it. I love Arnold, but Peter Weller nailed it. He portrayed the emotion of Alex Murphy and the lack thereof of Robocop perfectly.

This movie also has some of the best villains I have ever seen. Ronny Cox was great as the corrupt corporate exec Dick Jones and what can be said about Kurtwood Smith? He was portrayal of the sadistic, arrogant, and just plain mean gang leader Clarence Boddicker was excellent. Talk about one ruthless mother. And funny too!

This is all brought together by Paul Verhoeven. He really does not do a whole lot anymore, but he has made several sci/action flicks which mastered the art of combining satire, violence, and ass-kicking action!

Thumbs up.