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What she said:


Enter a world rattled by corruption, spies, and international intrigue; enter the world of the CIA.  At least, this is the reality of the CIA according to the movie Salt.  The film follows Evelyn Salt, played by Angelina Jolie, a spy who is revealed as a Russian double-agent, or is she?  When she is outed, her whole world is turned upside down.  The movie follows Evelyn as she tries to outrun captures and find justice.

Evelyn Salt is sort of a super hero.  Super skinny Angelina Jolie will surprise you with what physical feats she is capable of.  She remains one step ahead of the CIA, and is one talented chick.  The film lets the watcher decide whose side Salt is on, and you’ll teeter back and forth several times.  Actually, you might get a bit confused as all sorts of characters reveal their true motives.  You’ll wonder who is working with whom and if anyone in this film is actually genuine.

The action in Salt is pretty top notch.  The film moves quickly and effectively, keeping the viewer’s attention.  It’s pretty easy for me to get bored, and I almost didn’t.  If nothing else, you’ll be impressed by how many times Angie can jump up and bounce off a wall while either shooting someone dead in their tracks or karate chopping them.  Overall, the plot for this film is a bit predictable and sometimes hokey, but it’s fun to think that this type of covert stuff is going down each day right under our noses. 

Diagnosis: Thumbs up.

What he said:


I never reallybought into Angelina Jolie as an action star. I thought the Tomb Raider movies sucked and really had no interest in Mr. & Mrs. Smith or Wanted. Plus, I don’t look at her and think “Now there’s a tough lady”.

To be honest with you, I can’t really pinpoint why that wasn’t a problem for me in this movie. I just know that it wasn’t and I ended up enjoying Salt quite a bit.  

Discussing the details of the movie would lead to potential spoilers and I don’t want to ruin the movie for you. I greatly value the element of surprise when it comes to my movie viewing.  I may give away a minor spoiler here and there, but nothing major.

The only thing I will say in regards to the storyline is that it is about a female CIA agent named Evelyn Salt (portrayed by Angelina Jolie). Salt is accused of being a traitor by a Russian defector. She also happens to be pretty much the baddest person on the planet. So when her superiors try to bring her in for questioning, it leads to all kinds of headaches and confusion. Luckily for us, that translates into a lot of fun, explosive action scenes, with a few twists sprinkled on top.

In the last several months I have seen a decent amount of action movies that are centered on the CIA. The Long Kiss Goodnight, Red, and The A-Team are a few that come to mind (all are in the archives for your viewing pleasure btw). So with plenty of similar type of stuff already on my mind, it had to do something to keep my interest and it did. Salt is definitely worth a view.

Rating: Thumbs up

This movie review was written for your reading pleasure on April 28, 2011.